AMAZING Promotion!

Hey everyone! Have you heard the latest from! They have a GREAT 19 gifts promotion going on! For just $139 you can lock in a full year (and that rate forever!) to AND receive 19 amazing gifts! #19gifts is for new members. When you sign up for an Ultimate Annual Membership (PreK-12) during May for only $139 (reg. $224.97) and use the coupon code 19GIFTS you will receive a tote bag full of 19 different gifts, AND you'll lock in your annual renewal rate to $139!!!! The total value of this tote bag with the goodies is $527.71! Because of the pandemic, conventions have been canceled. This is a great way to get a mini-convention bag without even having to leave your home! 

Now, I know what you may be thinking. How great are these amazing gifts...right? Well, let me share a few with you, my friends!

In addition to the way awesome tote bag, you will receive:

100 Women Composers Through the Ages- a 20 week chronological study through the ages that cover from the Byzantine era through Modern and contemporary artists that are still alive today. 

Profiles of Valor-a study where your student will learn about 40 fascinating characters from American's War of Independence! What better time to start this study than now?!

Color Thru History- I am WAY excited for this one, folks! Learn and Color books is offer a printable PDF of their Color Thru History-The People of Early Civilization. This is for middle/high school and elementary school supplements. From Creation to Easther, you can use these as a stand alone OR as a supplement to your current studies. I can see this as a great family activity because we all love to color around here! I have infant to high school in my home, and I can see this being used a LOT! I can't wait to try this out!!

IEW- You will receive the Structure and Style overview video! This has highlights from the 14 hour Structure and Style course, comprised in a 2 hour video. This is a great must have!

Travels with Music-Again, I am SO super excited about this one! This is a ONE YEAR subscription to Travels with Music! This is a true gem for us because music is life around here! This is an award winning, cross cultural program used for K-12 studies for multiple subjects such as social studies, language arts, and literacy. Again, I can't wait to give this a go. My kids are all going to LOVE this! 

Writing with Sharon Watson-I haven't been able to try out anything by Sharon Watson, yet, because I haven't had a student on the correct level. But now I do. This is a 33 page eBook with 7 weeks' worth of lessons to incrementally teach students how to take notes from auditory sources. I think I may just use this one myself, too. I think I'm an effective note taker, but sometimes I feel like I write TOO much. As many of you know, I decided to go back to school to fulfill my life long dream of being a nurse. I can certainly appreciate some helps there!

Apprentice Art Studio- Inspired by Van Gogh, Apprentice Art Studio is offering a lesson on preparing a substrate for a mixed media collage. This is an all-ages class, and would be great for the whole family to take part in TOGETHER!

Spanish Education Solutions- a Two-month subscription to the Online Spanish Elementary Program for the entire family! The curriculum is already ready for you just jump in and start learning!

HSLDA: A $15 off coupon valid through March 31, 2021!

Step Up Your Performance-this is a subscription MASTER BASED grammar ad writing course for grades 7-12. I'm very excited for this since Mr. B is now 8th/9th grade! WOW! 8th/9th already?! Where as the time gone?!

Etiquette Lessons Foundation- Another I'm excited about! Etiquette Lessons Foundation free E.L.F Student Workbook containing 8 lessons in table manners and good social behavior! Each lesson includes and activity and a quiz, and it's great for the whole family!

Nallenart-ANOTHER I'm super excited about! As you know, I have a French minor. French has always been my favorite, and with Nallenart it is super easy to include French as a Second Language in your home! L'Art de LIRE combines beginning (conversational) French with an intro to phonics to help children (or adults haha) read simple stories in French from the very first lesson! Each level includes student pages, teaacher key, flashcards, and an mp3 audio.

Brinkman Adventures-Offering 3 free audio drama downloads! These episodes are based on real events that happen with the family who protrays themselves! They're always so much fun!

Homeschool Court-I have a criminal justice minor, as well, so I'm really excited to see this one. It is a Christian based mock trial curriculum! 

Chess House- Mr. B LOVES chess, so he will love this one! This pocket chess set by Chess House is a great way to start learning the game of Chess! 

GraceWorks Interactive-OHHH! Mr. B is going to go BONKERS for this! The Interactive Bible: 1 Timothy is a fun, 3-D Windows game! It has 11 lessons from the Bible book, each challenging the player with facts, questions, and dialog. When you complete the lesson, you win a crown!

Learn to Play Music Publishers, INC- Ok, here's the deal folks. When my step-dad passed away, he left me his guitar. He had just started teaching me how to play it, but he never got beyond 3 chords before his illness took him. I so much want to learn how to play! This will give me a full month of free lessons!

Everyday Education- This is a great high school level writing course that includes a 1-year poetry study eBook, Evaluating Writing the Easy Way eBook, and an audio workshop on teaching classic literature to teens!

As you can see, these gifts are truly amazing! I can't wait to try them out myself! I've told you what I'm looking forward to the most, why not jump over to and see them for yourself, then leave me a comment about the one or ones you're most excited about, and how you plan to use them with your family! 

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