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I received a FREE copy of this through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review, nor was I compensated in any other way. 

We recently received a 12-month subscription for review for Reading Unlocked. I had heard of Reading Unlocked before, but I had never had the pleasure of trying it out for myself until now! I must say, I'm loving it so far!

How It Works 

You start off hearing the this case. CAT

From there, you move on to a variety of lessons that target the phonics of the word, and the letters, including practicing writing each letter and the word. 

The lesson pauses for you to write the letters for practice. When finished, all you have to do is click next and you move on to the next activity. You're student is also instructed to repeat the sounds.

As an autism mom, I see the HUGE benefit to repeating the sounds of the letters. I LOVE that part!

 How We Used This

I had Princess J AND Girl using this. Princess J is 7, and severely autistic. Girl is 3, and very advanced for her age. Princess J is functionally non verbal. That should give you an insight into our particular situation.

I started Princess J off, first. She had a bit of difficulty staying on task. This is unique to our situation as she needs a LOT of verbal prompting, and often times even requires hand over hand to complete given tasks. With that said, as she progressed through the program it became easier to have her attend to task for the suggested 10 minutes. I noticed her writing more letters in a row as we progressed, and a few times she even repeated the letter sounds. What I found very interesting was her recitation of various lessons. I could hear her randomly say the C sounds, for example. Or T, S, etc. She would repeat, verbatim, lessons. So this tells me she WAS picking it up, even though she couldn't really regurgitate it back to me.

As for Girl, she did really great for her age! This is really suited for 4+, even 5+, but she is very advanced for her young age. She just turned 3 a month ago, and knows her ABCs, can count to 10+, and identify her letters (upper and lower case) and her numbers through 10. So this was a good, if challenging, fit for her. I wouldn't suggest it for all 3 year olds, but if yours already knows their letters then by all means, give this a try! She was able to sit for 10 minutes at a time, and occasionally even 15 minutes, though that was a rare even to get a solid 15mins at 3. I wouldn't usually even expect 10, but for her this was a very fun game to play so she would give me 10 mins frequently.

We used this 3, sometimes 4 times a week, and usually on a tablet. We did have issues with internet. This quarantine period has all kinds of folks using the internet much more than normal, so the strain on it played a huge part, I'm sure, as I usually have a fast internet speed.

Overall, I really like this! It has been a great fit for our family. Princess J can use it, and I know she's getting something from it. Girl loves it, and it is providing her with a HUGE advantage to her learning growth and potential. I can see this as a very effective tool to use with autism schooling and therapy, as well as other conditions that can cause learning to be challenging. I really recommend this to others! 

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