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BJU Press Homeschool knocked it out of the park with their BJU Press Focus on Fives! This is a great curriculum set that includes multiple subjects for your young learner. With Focus on Fives, your little learner will learn social studies, handwriting, reading, phonics, science, and handwriting. This package is full of activities that teach comprehension, listening skills, reading strategies, and more. 

This is intended for kindergarten grades, and I would say it is great for advanced 4yr olds to 6yr olds. This set includes multiple components, so there's a lot of oomph to this. You could easily use this 5 days a week if you wish. There will also be optional videos for this course available in July. So stay tuned, they're coming! Here's a link to check that out:

What all is included?  

This set includes a set of Teacher Edition books, Worktext Workbook, 34 reading books (small, magazine-like) Write Now! Handwriting Book, Teaching Flip Charts, Phonics and Review Cards, and a Phonics Practice book. 

There are 6 parts to the Teacher Edition. 

Like others from BJU Press, the Teacher's Edition has everything you need, as the teacher, to implement this curriculum. This includes the guidelines for the entire curriculum. Each book begins with the goals and expectations for each section it covers, along with the biblical worldview themes included. Each Teacher's Edition has a great resource section in the back that includes songs, assessment tools, guides, and more. 

I tried and tried to get this to flip around, and finally gave up. I wanted to show off this particular lesson as we just had a great time with it HAHA! Even my 14yr old joined in on the fun! Not too many people think about science in Kindergarten sets, at least not fun experiments like this. I really liked this a lot because of all that is covered!

I like that the copy work isn't overly repetitive. There's just enough to cover the concept, without introducing fatigue and monotony. 

We love cut and paste activities. The activity pages are so colorful and fun! And each cut and paste activity has a corresponding page in the back for easy cutting. I always hate when I'm forced to cut out a page that may or may not contain schoolwork on one side.  

This has been great practice for my girls! They both have issues filling in bubbles. I like that these are big enough to allow proper technique to be taught and demonstrated! Even in college, I've noticed students not filling in the bubbles properly, leading to correct answers being graded as incorrect. 

My youngest girl did very well with this type of activity. All of this is in the work text, and it is so colorful, but not overly distracting. 

Both the Worktext and Phonics practice books are colorful and full of age appropriate and challenging activities to keep your student engaged. The pages can be easily removed, and there are addtional tracking pages in the back. 

This packet has been a huge help for us, and the girls love flipping through the pages. 

And as you can see, there's a LOT of pages for them to flip! These include cards for each character, spelling cards, handingwriting wall charts, and lots more. I do wish I could store these easier. They're printed on a sturdier cardstock, but without a great system, I could see them getting damaged. Right now, I have them in a folder. 

These reading books are a really nice compliment to the overall package. These haven't really worked that great for Princess J, only due to her difficulties. But for Girl, they've been excellent. She is learning a LOT from these! The books start out with picture stories-Great for Princess J-and progress to text that encourages both silent and oral reading. Princess J, I think, can read just fine. But, gauging the level at which she can read is a little more difficult given her difficulties. Girl hasn't quite progressed to reading just yet, but the picture stories have been a huge hit! 

These flash cards have the same songs, words, and letters/blends are the rest in the program. I keep them in a baggy in the diaper bag! We use these when I need the kids to have a quite activity on the go. It's been a great way to have Princess J point to requested things like "the letter A" and so on to build receptive skills. 

I am able to get Princess J to point to cards, so these are great! And Girl can use them as intended. 

The reviews are great! 

Our Experience:

We used this an average of 4 times a week. Princess J and Girl would use this together, most of the time. Princess J is 7, but she is severely autistic and non-verbal. It is often hard to keep her on task, but I had a lot easier time doing just that with this curriculum. She was able to complete each page independently, for the most part, with very little redirection from me. Girl is only 3, but she's extremely advanced for her age. While she couldn't complete everything on her own, she was able to do quite well with basic phonics, copy work, and most of the science experiments. She's working with the reading books, now, as well. While I think they're still too advanced for her, I'm letting her do a little here and there as practice. We plan to revisit this when she is older. Overall, I really REALLY like this full set. It has been a great exprience for both girls, and I can't wait to revisit what we aren't using now in the future when Girl gets a little older! This is a fantastic kindergarten set that I highly recommend! 

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