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Amazing Names by CrossTimber
We were introduced to CrossTimber - Name Meaning Gifts a while ago when we did a really fun review where we learned the meaning of our names. Now, my name is pretty unique so I was more than thrilled to have a beautiful print with MY crazy name, and it's meaning on it! Yes folks, they were able to track down the origins of my name and that's truly all the review you need for this amazing Christian company! Well...they have a NEW product out now! Your Amazing Name - Personalized Adventures for EVERY Name is  really fun and unique video based product that includes the meaning of your chosen name, a photo, and even drawings that your kiddo may do to make it truly personalized! Disclaimer: Mr. B would NOT give me artwork to use in his video, sooooo sadly there are none of drawings included. BUT his photo is! 

I wish I could write a review that would do this justice, but I don't think I have the words in me to do that. This is an amazingly awesome product! Your child's artwork would be included in the frames, and also used elsewhere in the video, but since Mr. B did not provide artwork, they used "generics" that I think truly fit just fine! His photo is blowing in the wind, and lands on a desk. His name is all over the room, from the bed to the toy box, and even a suitcase!  Ben the pencil guy draws a rocket ship, and we are whisked off to space! 

After crash landing back at Mr. Owl's, we learn the origin of Mr. B's name, then we learn the meaning of it. The video was just over 28 mins long, and we also ordered a DVD of it! I can't wait to get that in the mail! 

I love the use of scripture in the video. There's such a christian emphasis put into ever detail of this, it's truly AMAZING! (Pun so totally intended!) There are quotes placed throughout, even on a sheep! 

When filling out everything for the video, parents are asked to write a letter to their child. I had totally forgotten about this until watching this video. What an inspirational moment for a child to have a letter read to them on their own video!

I want to also point out the "off label" use of this video in therapy. Often times, spectrum kids (and kids with any sort of communication delay) will have a hard time learning and responding to their name. Mr. B's name was said numerous times in the video, along with seeing it typed out. This would be GREAT to use with kids who are having a difficulty with that! 

In addition to the video, we also received a personalized PDF with 17 pages of activities all centered around Mr. B's name! Again, this would be sooooo amazingly wonderful for spectrum kids! 

And the end of the video we also get learn the meaning of the name, in addition to the origin. 

Overall, I'm simply mindblown by the sheer AMAZING quality of this video, and the number of ways it could be used to benefit a kiddo with autism. The amount of love and effort that goes into making this videos shows through in the quality of the product received. I can't thank the good folks at CrossTimber enough for the opportunity to review for their amazing company again! 

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