The Fingerprints We Leave Behind

I'm struck by the thought of how we impact the world around us, even when we don't even realize it. I have met so many people, from all over the world, through my work- Whether in person at wedding or other events, or digitally through my blogging. We never truly understand the footprint we leave behind, the fingerprints of our lives. I remember at a funeral for a dear friend, the pastor speaking about the fingerprints of our lives. He talked about how Kelly (the friend) had been up in the dusty rafters pulling audio cables to wire up the church's sound system, and how he had left literal fingerprints in the dust on the boards over our heads. He used that as an analogy to show that each of us leave behind a legacy-good or bad. While we can't take anything with us when we die and leave this world for the next, we do leave behind memories, actions, deeds. After learning of the recent, unexpected passing of a fellow Review Crew member who lived thousands of miles away from me, in a different country, I was hit with sadness and empathy for her family, and the realization that I would definitely miss her posts, her comments on my own, and her blog writing.Through her writing and friendship, her life touched thousands, and the impact of her passing is felt by many she never even met in person. The life we choose to live carries a powerful meaning we can't truly understand. As I'm editing photos I realize these photos will be around much longer than I will. After I'm gone, my work-to an extent my life-will remain in the fraction of a second still frames I capture with the push of a button. Happy couples on their wedding days, smiling newborn babies as they sleep peacefully, or the tears and anguish of mom and dad as they hold their tiny, precious babies for the last time. The words I write will be here long after I am gone. And the same goes for all of us. Think about that for a bit. The words you say will be remembered by those you speak them to, even after you're gone. The words you write, the actions you do, the good (or bad) deeds to bestow onto others will linger after your death. Choose to make those words, actions, and deeds mean something positive. Do good for others, speak positives to others and less negatives. If all that is will be left is words, deeds, and memories, shouldn't we make the most of those and make them truly worth saving?