Sound for Life Ltd REVIEW

I love a product that is super useful AND doubles as a much needed therapy tool, and that is exactly what Soundsory from Sound for Life Ltd is!  Soundsory is a music based multi-sensory program that helps to improve both motor and cognitive abilities. Designed to be used for 30 minutes a day across the span of 40 days, Soundsory uses bone conduction technology paired with specially designed music with neuro-acoustic modifications along with movement based exercises to bring a truly unique home-based therapy experience. 

Targeted groups:

Autism Spectrum and Developmental Delays
Sensory and Auditory Processing Disorders
Motor Delays, Balance, and Coordination

Rhythmical Music

The music used with Soundsory has been chosen specifically due to the rhythmical nature. Our world is rhythmical-from our heart beat and breathing to even our sleep pattern, so it only makes sense to focus on rhythm as a means of therapy to address important brain functions. 

Dynamic Filter

Our brains rely on repetition and prediction/anticipation in order to process information effectively. By creating sound contrasts, the Dynamic Filter system helps to favor the prediction/anticipation ability of the brain. The contrasts also activate the majority of the sensitive sensory cells via high-pitched sounds that trigger these cells. 

Bone Conduction

The Soundsory headphones also use innovative bone conduction technology. By using both air (what we normally have with standard headphones) and bone conduction, Soundsory stimulates both systems to stimulate brain function. Sound is made from vibrations. When traveling through the air, this is called Air Conduction, when traveling through bones in the body it is called Bone Conduction. Both methods compliment each other in order to more effectively stimulate the brain for sensory processing.  

Our Experience

I have always been a proponent for Neuroplasticity-the ability for the brain to create to connections. I can remember sitting in an intro biology class in college and the professor saying it was possible to rewire a brain, especially in a child. All we have to do is make the connections possible. This was the basis for everything with my son. This was the basis for every decision I made, every therapy tool and method used, and the way we spent our days. My son was diagnosed as severely autistic, non verbal, at age 2 and again at age 4. I was told he would never have true communication, but I forced his brain to make the necessary connections. Basically, neuroplasticity is the reason why my now 14 yr old is a typical mouthy teenager! With that said, he still has behavior and sensory issues. I also take care of his 6 year old half sister who is severely autistic and still functionally non-verbal. As a result, I was excited to see how both would react.

I was excited to know the program is already built into the special Soundsory headphones, but they can also be used as regular Bluetooth headphones that will connect to any Bluetooth device. I knew these would see a lot of use!

Mr. B has gotten the most use for this device. He has used it 30 minutes a day, and we are currently in a rest period. For the first week or so, he had to use it for less time because it took him a bit of time to get used to having them on his head for that long of a duration. Princess J couldn't tolerate 30 minutes at a time. She's only 6, so I am not sure if it is her flavor of autism, or her age, that contributed to her intolerance. 

Princess J had a bit a difficulty completing the body movements only because her receptive communication and mimic skills are subpar at this time, and we are working on that. I will say using this program has made a difference in this area and I can see her ability to follow directions has improved! Mr. B doesn't really have too many issues with motor skills or coordination, but he very much enjoyed following suit with the physical activities.

Both Mr. B and Princess J enjoyed listening to the music, and we found ourselves listening before getting started with our school work for the day because it seemed to help both kids focus and attend to task much better. It is almost like Soundsory got their brains ready to learn and process!

Overall, we are VERY pleased with Soundsory. I am very intrigued and impressed at the improvement in attention I see in both kids, and I am pleased with the improvement I have seen in Princess J. I like we can also take this with us and use the device as a regular Bluetooth compatible set of headphones when not in Bone Conduction mode. Overall, I would definitely recommend this to others. 

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