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Every now and then a vendor comes along that I've never heard of, and wish so badly I had heard of before now. Smartick is just that kind of vendor! We received 6 months of Smartick for review, and we love it! 

Smartick is a unique online, digital product. In 15 mins per day, your child will combine math, reading comprehension, logic, and reasoning. The artificial intelligence component adapts to your child's learning style, regardless of age or grade level, to formulate a truly individualized learning program. 

When your child begins they choose their own avatar. Mr. B tried to choose one he felt looked like him. I chose one for Princess. J. That's one thing I really like about this program. Mr. B and Princess J can both use it because it is intended for ages 4-14! Helping to really build on and reinforce learning, Smartick is a great supplement for foundational learning. 

Set up was super easy. I just logged in, added my students, and that was that. Parent involvement is pretty limited, though there is parent login for administration purposes. 

Another thing we both like is it is only 15 minutes per day, 4-5 days per week. This is great for kiddos with attention issues, or if you just have a really busy day planned. 15mins is easily carved into the busiest of days! 

After your child completes tasks, they can take their earnings to the game store and buy goodies for their game house. This is a great in game motivator and reward system. They can also play with friends, so be aware. I don't allow mine to accept any friend requests without my approval. Princess J isn't as into the the games and rewards like Mr. B is, but Mr. B LOOOOOOVES that part!!  I like how the store offers sales sometimes, so it's additional math support! 

Mr. B also likes the logic games. He says that are exercises for his brain. Princess J isn't up to a level yet that can do those. With that said, games are different for each person because they are categorized by age. 


Overall, we both love this. It is a really fun program that teaching math...what's not to love?! I am not fond of the friend adding part, but with proper supervision and education about the dangers of adding unknown friends. For us, that's not much of a problem, but it is something to remain aware about if you feel it could be an issue. I've not investigated to see if there's a way to opt out of that. I like the short duration of this as it is great for kiddos with attention issues, and the fun game like aspect makes learning fun, which will make the lessons stick! I know Mr. B and Princess J learn best when they are enjoying it, and that's definitely the case  here. I also love the in game motivators of the store and fixing up their house. This is great for kids who thrive on a reward system. 

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