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A couple of years ago, we were blessed with a fantastic review opportunity from Creating a Masterpiece that explored their instructional painting videos. I enjoyed that review so much, I was willing to break out the "pretty please" t be on the review for their Drawing Program

The Creating a Masterpiece Drawing Program features 4 levels that include 30 projects, 48 lessons, and 3 drawing media. You will learn both colored pencil and pencil/charcoal skills of value, shading, two point perspective, three point perspective, and more!
Beginning Drawing: 8 projects, 8 lessons, 3 drawing media.

Drawing Level 1: 6 projects, 6 lessons, 3 drawing specific media. 

Drawing Level 2: 7 projects, 12 lessons, 3 media.

Drawing Level 3: 8 projects, 20 lessons, 3 media.

The Drawing Program includes every Drawing Level. 

For this review, I received a one-year subscription to the online Drawing Program

My Experience

Having anxiety issues truly stinks, add to that the stress of special needs kiddos and my blood pressure is a medical marvel. Anything that can help reduce the stress is great, and art has always worked to reduce it.  A couple of years ago I enjoyed the review for Creating a Masterpiece so much I had included it on my Christmas wish list.  Drawing was my "thing" back in high school, but I had shifted more toward painting or pastel work after school. I was a little nervous to try out the drawing course, but super excited at the same time. I figured, worst case scenario I would totally bomb it and get a good laugh at myself. Either way, I was bound to enjoy this review!

This will stream over a smartphone, or you can use your computer. I chose to use my phone just so I could move around and use it whenever and where ever. 

I started out with the Antique Lantern from Drawing Level 2. It looked easy enough lol. Well...I never exactly made it to the shading part, and perhaps that will really go a long way into make it look better...but...yeah, I failed in this attempt! HAHA! The lessons are FANTASTIC! My failed attempt as nothing to do with the quality of the lessons, and everything to do with my inability to draw the curved lines well! HAHA! 

I guess it isn't terrible, but....those poor handles! Sigh...I will finish this. 

I also tried out a level 3 drawing, Snowed In. Lets just say, I need a little more practice and I am NOT showing that one! 

The next one I tried out was from the Beginning Level. I had to humble myself down and realize I am a novice haha! I so the Lessons in Colored Pencil: Moonstruck and thought it was a perfect drawing to do, especially this time of year. It feature blue tones, a lovely moon, and a silhouetted cat looking out a window. It looked a lot more complicated than a beginning level drawing! 

I love colored pencils, so this was a great choice for me. 

I was a bit leery when I did the original sketch. I wasn't thrilled with my lines or the cat outline. I was also concerned because this calls for vellum paper, and I couldn't find my pad of vellum anywhere. I'm thinking it fell victim to a recent purge and donate session I had. So I used regular drawing paper, cut to size. 

I drew my lines too dark, and I only have a chunky eraser. I need the pen style white eraser, and plan to get one the next time I think of it at the craft store. That would have made a HUGE difference in the drawing, along with the vellum paper. 

But overall, I am VERY pleased with the outcome of the drawing! I was actually shocked at how easy it was to do, and how well it turned out when I wasn't happy with the sketch. 

I really like how this turned out. I could have shaded a little more on the tree branches, but I like how it turned out!

Overall, I very much enjoy Creating a Masterpiece. I'd love to resubscribe to the other courses, as well, and maybe I will in the future when life settles down a little. It brings me joy, and helps calm my mind. I can't wait to try out more lessons from the Drawing Program. 

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