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Channie's Visual Handwriting & Math Workbooks blessed us with a really nice review! We were given Channie's One Page A Day 2 Digit Multiplication Practice (Grades 3-5) alone with the Channie's Dry Erase Flashcards for Sight Words (Ages 5-6) to try out with Mr. B and Princess J. 

One Page A Day  2 Digit Multiplication Practice is a daily practice workbook that you can easily tear the pages from.  Each of the 50 pages has 25 multiplication practice problems. There is ample space on the gridded paper so your student can focus only on math accuracy, and less on neatness.  The workbook starts out with easier problems, and builds to more difficult. 

This is a snip from one of the middle difficulty pages. The beginner pages start with 0's and single digits for easy.

The Channie's Dry Erase Flashcard for Sight Words (Ages 5-6) is perfect for that age group. This features thefirst 100 site words. These cards are easy to take on the go, and allow your student to trace, practice and write the words over and over using a dry erase marker that easily wipes away. The cards are large enough for little hands to manipulate, but still small enough to slip in your purse or go bag. The tracing area is in a grid pattern to help your student write straight.


Mr. B has been using the multiplication workbook to help reinforce learning gaps he still has. He has great difficulty with organizational executive skills, and a workbook like this is EXCELLENT for him. The grid pattern with the numbers lined up is perfect for him so that he can focus only on the multiplying part, and not on the organizational part.  The organization can come later, but for now he just needs to learn the mechanics of the actual math problem. With the One Page A Day workbook, I don't have to feel like I'm pulling out hair in order to get Mr. B to willingly do his math practice. He actually likes doing it now! That's a great review in and of itself! 

Princess J was the chosen reviewer for the dry erase flashcards. It is difficult with her because her communication is just not there, but she WILL trace letters and write out words. This set has really helped her overall receptive communication skills. I can lay out 3 or 4 cards, and tell her to point one specific card, then I have her trace the word, then I have her write out the word on her own. She really seems like to like this, and I catch her writing the words on her own through out her play, even repeating them from time to time! 


Overall, I really like both of these products. The multiplication pages are great for Mr. B. It's not too much work in a day for him, and it really helps to reinforce gaps he has. Some days we only do this one page, and nothing more. The grid pattern is great for his weak organizational skills, leading to much better accuracy. 

The flashcards are great for Princess J. They have included practice cards so your child can practice words independently, and they are thick board book-like so they are much more durable that any standard flashcard is. These are great quality products that my kiddos really do well with! Highly recommended! 

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