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We were blessed a few years ago to bring you a review of Zeezok Publishing. At that time, we were reviewing their Music Appreciation: Book 1 for the Elementary Grades. Well folks, this time around we are super happy to bring you a review of Music Appreciation: Book 2 for the Middle Grades

This amazing set covering seven composer through nine biographies includes:

One Student Book

Fredric Chopin, Early Years

Fredrick Chopin, Later Years

Robert Shumann and Mascot Ziff

Adventures of Richard Wagner

Stephen Foster and His Little Dog Tray

The Young Brahms

The Story of Peter Tchaikovsky

Peter Tchaikovsky and the Nutcracker Ballet

Edward MacDowell and His Cabin in the Pines

Geared for 5th to 8th grades, this set meets all of the national standards for music appreciation, and is suitable for a variety of learners. The books are living books, and every incident mention in the books covering the life and events that shaped these composers is true. The Student book is a great addition, and using a variety of activities, it touches upon grammar, geography, history, character traits, and more!

Our Experience

Mr. B LOVED Book 1, and we used it for a good while. During this review, I had Princess J reading the books from the first set, so she didn't feel left out. She is 6, and loved me reading to her. With that said, I also read set 2 books outloud, and she enjoyed those as well. So if you have littles, don't be afraid to include them! Just because these are intended for 5th-8th grade independent reading, and the activities are appropriate for that age group, it doesn't mean your littles will not enjoy the stories. There is also a Lapbook and  coloring book you can purchase to go along with this set! 

Mr. B was easily able to read independently, and he rather enjoyed the stories and pictures. The activities in the student book are challenging enough to keep his interest without frustrating him. They're a great balance, and work well for us. 

Each composer is separated into an individual unit in the student book. Before the unit starts, there's a weekly outline that covers the entire month. Answers to all activities and quizzes finish out the unit. I like that the answers are included with each unit, but I also sort of wish they were all together in the back. 

The reading text is easy to read, especially for a 7th-8th grade student. The addition of graphics helps to break up the pages, which eases Mr. B's apprehension when reading. 

I love how so much history and geography are included in the lessons, as well as grammar. Any program that incorporates more than one subject is a huge win for us! 

Each unit has a quiz included, and I REALLY like that I can scan the QR code and be whisked away to an online version of the quiz! This is GREAT for Mr. B! This made it super convenient for him to take the quiz online, then I can print and included it with his end of the year portfolio. 


Overall, I'm very pleased with this. I was curious as to how this would be different from Book 1, and it is more advanced. Book one includes fun like activities that are centered for younger students such as coloring pages, copy work and crossword puzzles. This is very much more "school work" centered and includes a good bit of social studies, comprehension/retention questions, and quizzes. I like the cohesiveness of the lessons, and that each composer is his own indivdual unit, yet those units are still arranged in similar fashion. I definitely recommend Zeezok to others, and we plan to finish this over rest of the year! 


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Music Appreciation Book 2: for the Middle Grades {Zeezok Publishing Reviews}
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