My School Year Homeschool Record Keeping REVIEW

Sometimes, I need all the planning and organizing help I can get! This is why I was pretty excited to review an Annual Membership Plan from My School Year Homeschool Record Keeping

My School Year Homeschool Record Keeping system is an online recording keeping program that fits families of all sizes. This is great if you only have one kiddo, or if you have 11 kiddos! Bonus: This program is also totally, 100% take on the go mobile friendly!!

The first step, beyond signing up, is to register your students. This was SUPER easy! You literally just add the names, and go. 

After you register, you then set up your overall yearly plan with days, etc. You can set this up for all, or individually. 

Next you add classes to each student, and choose the days of the week you plan to work on those classes. 

After that, you go to Teacher's Aid which is basically your overall planning tool. Here you can add classes and calendar events/appointments, lesson plans, etc. Plus, it tells you what you need to work on. I set this up, initially, very quickly to get the screenshots to show you AND to see what would happen if I skipped steps. Well, we see! It will prompt you to fix those skipped areas. 

Another really great feature is tracking student progress, assigning grades, and keeping it all in one place!

Now, anyone who knows me knows I'm NOT an online planner person. I prefer pen/paper that I can carry with me anywhere. But My School Year's mobile friendly ability means I can have this planner with me at all times, complete with the calendar which is my very favorite part! The calendar can be shown daily, weekly, or monthly. Each person has their own color so you can see who is supposed to be where, and when. I LOVE THIS! 

Other features we haven't had a chance to use yet, since we've not gotten to that point yet, include professional looking transcripts and even report cards! If you do end of the year portfolios, My School Year is a fantastic took to have at your disposal for easy reporting! 


Overall, My School Year makes me love online planning! This program goes everywhere there's an internet connection, on any connected device from my PC to my phone. I can not only plan our homeschool classes, but I have the ability to schedule life, as well. I can put in all appointments and needs on to the calendar, and even get an email to tell me what I need to do! This is perfect for a busy mom like myself! We reviewed this same planner three years ago, and while I didn't LOVE it back then I did find a few useful aspects. They have made so many changes, it's not even close to being the same program! It is way better than before, and I'd recommend anyone checking out the free trial and trying it out for themselves! 

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