Memoria Press Literature REVIEW

Memoria Press blesses us abundantly with review products, and this review is no different. For the last few weeks we have been reviewing their Seventh Grade Literature Guide Set, focusing on The Hobbit to start off! The books in this set include The Hobbit, Anne of Green Gables, Bronze Bow, and Trojan War.   Trojan War is the only book we didn't already have. 

Memoria Press  is a classical based curriculum company. They offer something for all subjects, and electives, as well as special needs packages. In the past we have reviewed science, social studies, Latin, and of course literature. Literature is offered for grades 1 to 12! 

Our Experience

I decided to choose The Hobbit first just  because we were in a fantasy/Middle Earth kind of mood at the time. Like the other selections, each literature set includes a Student Book and a Teacher's Guide. The Student book features vocabulary words, reading comprehension questions, discussion and critical thinking questions.

The Student guide is arranged in such a way that your child should learn the vocabulary words before they read. Then as they are reading, they can answer the guide questions. After they read, they can reflect upon the selection they just read, and properly analyze it. 

The Teacher's Guide includes all of the answers, answers to the discussion questions, as well as test pages. We really like the addition of Enrichment exercises such as composition, mapping, and copy work. It's a great outlet for those who are creative, and more hands on. 

Answers for the Discussion Questions are arranged by the chapter for ease of use. 

More exam questions.

I love the addition of poetry. We admittedly do not study enough poetry in our homeschool. 

Exams are also included. 

Mapping is Mr. B's favorite activity. 

We are still working out way through The Hobbit. It's a harder read for Mr. B than I had anticipated it to be. So we are being forced to move a little slower. Usually, your can complete a guide in 8 weeks or less. Moving slow is ok for us right now since we are working through the summer, he won't get behind. It's also ok to choose a grade level lower than what you are in. Memoria Press offers sample pages for each of their guides, so you can check to see if it is on a good level for your student! 

Overall, we are very pleased with these study guides. We have reviewed a number of offerings from Memoria Press over the years. Please "search" the blog and browse what all we have been blessed with from Memoria Press, including the Sixth Grade Literature Set! The seventh grade set is just as good as the 6th. I like that it's not overly colorful-being only black and white with no distractions on the pages. Mr. B likes that the book work is at a minimum. He is able to read on his own, or with me, and then complete the actual book work in about 20 minutes total. Reading of course takes a bit longer. As always, we highly recommend Memoria Press to others, especially if you prefer the more Classical Education method!

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