Late Summer Reading Adventure {{REVIEW}}

Hello, my name is Missy...and I'm addicted to books. We do not have too many books in our home, we have an insufficient amount of shelf space! As you can imagine, when the review for Britfield & the Lost Crown came up, we were all too excited to jump on the chance to receive this book for review! For this review, we received one autographed copy of Britfield & the Lost Crown

About the Book:

Author: C.R. Steward

ISBN: 978-1-7-7329612-1-0

Genre: Juvenile Fiction/Action & Adventure General

Pages: 386

Britfield & the Lost Crown is the story of Tom and Sarah, two children who have grown up in an abusive orphanage. The story begins by telling about how the caretakers are only taking care of the children for the money. When the two get in trouble, they make the decision to escape their captive orphanage, with the help of friends, in an attempt to find his quite alive parents. 

With a nearly 100% capture rating, Detective Gowerstone is hot on their trail to bring them back to the confines of the orphanage, making their journey to find answers difficult, at best. With the aid of a piece of paper with the word Britfield scrawled on it, as well as a hot air balloon teamed with the generosity of others, the two youths make their way across the United Kingdom from Windsor Castle to Canterbury, while managing to avoid the "good" detective along the way. 

This book was set up for an ultimate educational experience, and the website associated with it has over 400 photos and maps. There is also an 83 page study 8 week guide to aid in your reading experience!

Our Thoughts:

We have both really enjoyed this book. The pacing is spot on, and the characters are relatable and and believable within the context of the story line and plot. Mr. B is not one to read "story books as he calls them, so the fact that he voluntarily continued to read this on his own screams volumes! He said it was enjoyable, adventurous, and kept him wanting to know what happens next. It is not difficult to read for an advanced tween or a young teenager, and I feel that is probably the best suited age demographic for this book, but as an adult I quite enjoyed it myself! It is easy to use this with younger students, and then utilize all of the educational aspects of the web page and study guide for a high schooler. It is an easy read, and I read it over the course of just a couple of days. You could easily read in on a rainy afternoon/evening. Mr. B took a bit more time, and spent about a week reading. This is only the first in the series, and we are both looking forward to #2!  All in all, we have both loved the book, and we recommend it to others! 

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