CTCMath is a FANTASTIC online math program we have had the blessing to review many times. For this review, we were blessed with a 12-month Family Membership, good for up to 5 students! How awesome is that?! 

CTCMath, if you are unfamiliar, is an online based based program. It covers elementary to higher level high school math, and we have used it since around 3rd grade! You can log in as a parent, and choose to login as a student from your dashboard, or from a secondary student login. I LOVE that feature!

The parent dashboard is also great for keeping track of all your students, their grades, their progress, etc. When your student logs in, they will see lessons completed, and their grade, as well as what remains. Obviously when the screenshot was taken, Mr. B was having some issues with fractions. 

I really like how all progress and results are on a page to their own! So easy to just print that off and stick it in a portfolio for review!! Something new is "Individual Reports." Here, you can now edit and reset results for lessons, diagnostic tests, and speed skills


Having access to all grades is fantastic. I have the ability to have Mr. B go back in earlier grade levels to polish up on fundamental skills, while progressing through Pre-Algebra and Algebra, which is what we have done. Princess J can work on first grade skills, at the same time. So it's a huge homeschool win for us! 

Mr. B worked a lot in speed drills with just basics of addition and subtraction. He still has trouble with quick thinking and easy mistakes here, so we do as much practice as we can. I have him do an "easy" lesson from a 1st-3rd grade level first, then we do a lesson from a 7th-9th grade level-just depends on what we are doing. This method works for OUR family. Your family may prefer to start at the beginning of a grade, and work your way through the lessons.

Also new this year is the Question Bank! HOLY COW I LOVE IT! This amazing feature gives you the ability to generate WORKSHEETS!!!! What was my only complaint thus far? No worksheets! I think it's important for kids to have a well balanced set of skills that also involves the ability to work out problems on paper. Well folks, now CTCMath truly has it all! 

You simply go to the Question Bank Wizard, choose your course and options, generate the questions, and bask in the glory that is a generated worksheet! 

You can save these worksheets, download the PDF, and even print them. It's quite possibly my favorite feature!!!


Overall, CTCMath remains one of our favorites. It is not overly flashy, it doesn't include cartoonistic graphics and games. What it does include is a comprehensive educational video set that streams and teaches the material in a way that is broken down into segments. It includes online based, self grading work, that tracks your child's progress and gives you the ability for easy bookkeeping. AND it down includes an amazing worksheet generator! WE LOVE IT! 

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Math 12-month Family Membership {CTCMath Reviews 2019}
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