Books, Books, and more BOOKS! {{REVIEW}}

As any self-respecting homeschool mom, I am ADDICTED to books. There, I said it. Hello, my name is Missy, and I'm a book addict. There's no such thing as too many books, only too few bookshelves. AM I RIGHT?! Well, if you agree with that, you're going to LOVE this review! Library and Educational Services LLC greatly blessed our home with a huge box full of wonderful goodies

For this review we received: 
From the Who Was... series:

What Was D-Day?
What Was the Holocaust?
Who Was Jesus?
Who Was Thomas Jefferson?

From the Lifehouse Theater CDs series:

Trapped in Aesop's Fables-Lifehouse Theater CD

Reinforced Library Binding Nonfiction Books:

The Battle of Saratoga-Atlas of Famous Battles of the American Revolution
Understanding the Civil War-Set of 3
Civil War Through Primary Sources- Set of 6
Stories in American History- Set of 4
Point of Impact- Set of 2
When Disaster Strikes- Set of 2

Our Experience 
I had to set up a free account before ordering. This was super easy, and really made the overall experience a breeze. The organization of the website is very well planned. I didn't have a bit of trouble navigating the site to order the books, and I found it really easy to sort by topic, age, and even price. I spent a couple of days choosing what to order, and when I was ready, it only took minutes. I was very impressed by the sheer volume and variety of books available for purchase, and the prices are very budget friendly! 

The customer service can't be beat. One of the books I had originally ordered was sold out when my order was placed. Library and Educational Services LLC sent me an email to ask if I wanted to choose another replacement book, or if they could substitute a higher value set, at no extra cost. Curious as to what their selection would be, I chose the book set option and I was quite pleased when they had replaced "True Ocean Rescues" with a 2 book set of "When Disaster Strikes." So kudos for great customer service! 

The books arrived boxed nicely, and in good shape. The book sets are wrapped in plastic, and kept together which is great so that I can keep them together until we can use all of them. 

About the Books:

Ok, I'm not going to review every single book. We'd be here ALL DAY! I'm going to pick just a few. 

From the Who Was....series, we chose to start with Who Was Thomas Jefferson. We chose this specific book because he is one of our ancestors. We are a directed decent of his sister Jane, so it was really fun reading about our family! It starts off detailing some facts and accomplishments of Thomas Jefferson before diving into Chapter One that starts with his birth. The book moves forward from there hitting up all the milestones such as the Declaration of Independence. This book is 103 pages long, and even includes a timeline of Jefferson's life in the back. Mr. B really liked that timeline, and set about creating one (or a few haha) of his own. This is a very easy to read, well written books with drawn graphics that lead to the overall child appeal. This is great for kiddos who are just beyond emerging into chapter books, but still held the attention of Mr. B. 

From the Lifehouse Theater CD series we chose Trapped in Aesop's Fables. This was our favorite haha! This is the story of a little boy who, after becoming trapped in the fables, ends up a character in many of the tales. The voice acting is excellent. There's no fancy background sounds or anything like that, just the soothing and exciting voice reading the story to us. This is great for our long car rides, and all the kids agreed they loved it! 

For the Reinforced Library Binding Non Fiction selection, we chose The Battle of Saratoga. Do you see a them for this year's history lessons yet? We are all about the wars this year. This is a beautiful hardcover book with fantastic graphic illustrations. This is great for younger kids, as well as older kids to use as a point of reference. It is only 24 pages in length, but there's a lot packed into those pages!

Overall, we love Library and Educational Services LLC and definitely plan to order for them again in the future given the quality of both the books, and the customer service, and the affordability factor! HIGHLY recommended! 

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