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We love music in this home. It is the foundation I used to teach Mr. B how to speak, and it is the foundation I'm using to get through to Princess J. Music is one of the earliest forms of communication our brains can recognize and understand, even from the womb! I would play classical music, and some of my personal favorites, for Mr. B while he was still in my tummy. He would move and kick so much! Once he was he was born, those very same songs were his favorites! Even today, 14 years later, he still prefers those songs, that type of music, and it is very calming to him. With that said, as much as we LOVE music----we have never really learned how to READ music. That's why I was so excited to learn about Simply Music! We have been reviewing the Music & Creativity - Foundation Course for the last few weeks, and this course is designed to teach students how to play the piano by ear or sight-NOT by reading sheet music! This free, hands on program introducing all aspects in an immersive manner. Your student will be playing from the very start! 

Simply Music is actually in 97 different countries after release just a few months ago! How cool is that?! It is more than just a music course or music program, it is a METHOD for teaching and learning to play that is unique, and unlike other programs. The belief is everyone is musical, and by removing the slow, hard process of learning to read music, and getting down to the playing part, more students will follow through and learn. They make a very good point. Everything we do in our day to day is music, from the rhythm of our heartbeat to the way we speak.  Like I mentioned before, music is one of the earliest "things" our brains can recognize. Have you ever heard a song and you're instantly transported back to a memory? Have you ever used a melody to remember something? Music is more than notes on a sheet, and Simply Music allows students to explore this from the very start. 
Why is the foundation course free? The creator of Simply Music wants to bring the love of playing to everyone, including those who may not be able to afford it. So the beginning, foundation course, is free of charge. 

So....How does it all work?

Well, you just go register! It's that simple! You'll see the Foundation Course is right there, ready to view. And you'll have the option to purchase the Foundation Enhancement course. Other courses are in development at this time. 

When you open the course, you have access to several resource materials that help you in the course. 

First there's a PDF reference book. This contains graphics, lyrics, and note references for your student to use in the course. It doesn't really make sense unless you're IN The program HAHA! So don't feel discouraged looking at this and being completely lost like I was at first. 

Next is the practice pad. Now, I will fully admit I didn't see the value in this at first, at all. I printed a good reviewer would...and then I saw it. Mr. B LOVES this, and uses it ALL THE TIME! 

Next is Music and The Art of Long-Term Relationships PDF. This was way over Mr. B's head, so I skimmed it a bit myself for review. It talks about the methodology and the why's behind Simply Music. 

Finally there's a soundtrack download. It includes all of the songs for the course. 

Our Experience

Mr. B has done very well with this! Skipping over the initial steps of notes and reading, and moving on to the more playing aspect is perfect for the way his brain works. At first I was apprehensive, but the reading part comes later so it isn't such a slow, tedious process. 

I was also happy to see you can't skip over lessons! You have to complete the previous lesson before moving on to the next. You have to mark Complete to move on to the next.  So with that said we started with Quick Start haha! Mr. B was very excited to start playing Eliza right from the start! 

Lessons are video based, and the camera angle allows for the student to both hear and SEE what their hands should be doing. This is GREAT for kiddos like Mr. B! Everything is presented in easy to follow, easy to understand ways. Mr. B was able to set up our full size keyboard near the computer so he could pause and play the videos as needed to get the most out of the program. We were able to move at a pace of a lesson every 10 days or so, and there are 21 total lessons. So you get a lot out of a free foundation course! 

Overall, we are really pleased with this method. This has worked for him more than others we have tried! 

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