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Over the years, Home School in the Woods has become one of our most treasured vendors to review. We love all of their products, and have had the amazing blessing to have received several in addition to what we have already purchased. For this particular review, we received a digital copy of the Time Travelers U.S. History Studies set that teaches all about The Civil War.

Home School in the Woods brings us fantastically planned out unit studies that go in depth to cover the topic at hand. Using hands on activities that even include cooking, your child will be immersed into a unique history learning style that is fun, engaging, and leaves them wanting to learn more. The Civil War is part of their Time Travelers Series. They have various products where you can buy JUST the project, Lap-Paks, or even study world history with Project Passport! There's even a fantastic Timeline Collection you should check out! 

Each lesson includes lesson masters-the PDF activity sheets that your child needs to complete the lessons, direction sheets, and the text pages that teach the lessons. For the activities, you'll need basic arts and crafts supplies such as scissors, colored pencils, glue sticks, tape, card stock and regular paper-of differing colors, and clear transparencies as well. Some activities call for other supplies, so you'll want to check ahead to make sure you're prepared before getting started. 

The cooking activities use easily found ingredients such as potatoes, flour, oil, ham, etc. There's no running around to specialty stores to find what you need!



We always start off with lesson one. I like to print out five lessons at a time, and we typically will work a lesson or two each week. There's a suggested reading guide, so we will do one lesson a week if we utilize the additional reading. Some lessons open up a rabbit hole of learning for Mr. B, so those lessons have taken a little longer-such as lesson 3 on women in the war. That led to not only women in the Civil War, but women in other wars as well as the military as a whole. So we spent a good 2 weeks or longer on that lesson just because his interest was piqued. 

I really appreciate the text pages. I read them to him as he's getting his activities together, and working on them, then he will reread them by himself. I like to hole punch these and keep them in the front of his binder.

Normally I will print everything in black and white for him to color, but this time I did print the cover in color so we could put that in the binder. 

 This is a picture of all the different projects you can expect to see in this unit study! 

 And here are photos of Mr. B doing a lesson.

We have worked our way through to Lesson 11 so far, and we are excited to keep going and finish this up this summer. He's all about learning about wars right now, so I'm taking advantage of that and trying to squeeze in as much as we can! I'd love to check out their WWII title! 

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Overall, as always I highly recommend Home School in the Woods. Their lessons aren't just educational, they're true works of art. The amount of time and energy put into these studies is amazing. The detailed artwork is beautiful, and my son loves doing them! Even Princess J is getting into them! She likes to color the lesson sheets!

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Timeline Collection: A Collection of Historical Timeline Figures  This is the download version.  All ages.

Time Travelers U.S. History Studies:  Intended for grades 3-8, but can be adapted up or down.
  • New World Explorers
  • Colonial Life
  • The American Revolution
  • The Early 19th Century
  • The Civil War
  • The Industrial Revolution through the Great Depression
  • World War II

Project Passport World History Studies:  Intended for grades 3-8, but can be adapted up or down.
  • Ancient Egypt
  • Ancient Greece
  • Ancient Rome
  • The Middle Ages
  • Renaissance & Reformation

World History (Project Passport), U.S. History Studies (Time Travelers) and Timeline Collection: A Collection of Historical Timeline Figures  {Home School in the Woods Reviews}
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