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Over the last few months we have been reviewing a product for Dyslexia Gold. The Dyslexia Gold Full Bundle is a Lifetime Membership to their program that helps students with dyslexia and other reading difficulties improve their overall performance with various training exercises and games. 

With parental supervision, the student will no doubt get more from the program, but it is designed in such a way that kiddos can use it independently as well. It is important to note this is NOT a full reading curriculum. This is a reading aid to help those who have already learned how to read.

Our Experience

I was really looking forward to this because Mr. B still has some problems with his reading skills, particularly in reading the incorrect words or changing words when he reads. This is exactly the type of issues targeted by this program. I was also looking forward to having Princess J use the program, as well, but her reading skills are not yet developed enough for use with the program so it caused more frustration than anything else for us with her. I'm looking forward to using it with her over the next year or so when she is reading on her own. 

We first got started with Engaging Eyes. With this game, your child uses old school 3D glasses to line up targets. Your kiddo has 1 minute to read a story out loud, and you are to count the number of mistakes made. After the minute is up, they have to stop.  If your child is non verbal, this could be impossible for you to complete. There is a skip button in the event your child can not complete this task, but it is important for me to point out for those with non verbal students. 

I tried to get a screen snip of the actual game, but it kept asking me to continue HAHA! 

There are targets, and when you have on your stylish 3D glasses, these targets appear to be on different levels. You use the arrow keys to aim at the targets, and the space bar to shoot them. IT IS HARD! It is not easy! I tried it, and couldn't complete it because I couldn't figure out the correct level for the last two targets. Mr. B really enjoyed playing this game, but he frequently complained of headaches, and that would lead to other issues. Ultimately, as much as he liked this game and as much as I felt he was going to benefit from it, we have had to take an extended break because of the headaches it was causing. 

AFter a few minutes, the game cuts off and tells you your points. 

Fluency Builder has a lot of different components. It takes a little longer than Engaging Eyes to complete, so you may not want to do the two on the same day. 

The first Fluency Builder game is choosing which sound matches. A sound is played, and you have to move the blue button to the correct side. The ability to use a mouse is very much needed for these games. 

For this part of the program, your student has to move the sounds for the given word. Map, paper, zebra, fan, and seal were words used on this particular level. 

I like how the ER is on one part, distinct from a separate E and R. 

On this part a beginning sound is made, and your student must choose the picture that starts with the same sound. 

On this part a word is played and the program asks which sound would change to change the word to a different one. Such as Cup to Cut...it would be the 3rd sound. 

For this part you have to click the words as they are read. There's a slight accent, and that could trip up a kid at first. We had a hard time distinguishing between AND and HAND. 

And this part you read the words as they are highlighted. You can change the speed, which we liked. 

Then it goes on to a reading passage, and there are a few comprehension questions that follow along with a timed reading passage. 

And then the results! 

This portion easily took 30 minutes or so for us on an average day. 

Spelling Tutor wasn't a favorite here. It just didn't work for us, but it may work for others. The accent really threw us off, even when I was helping him. There was one reading passage I NEVER knew what was said. It sounded like it was saying "And they could chill it all day long..." but it was about cows chewing. Your child is to listen to what is being said, and write it down on paper. It is very difficult for hearing disorders who aren't used to the accents being used. 

I do like the reports after each activity. 

Times Table Tutor was a favorite here. It's a lot of repetition to really master the times tables to 12, but it's presented in such a way that it's not boring or anything like that. 

You start off with a small drill of sorts. We just use the number pad and hit enter after each answer. After that there's a table of sorts where you take the correct answers at the top and pair them with the equation.

This game has the program asking your student to repeat the entire equation statement, as they answer. I REALLY like the star counters on the side. This great for visual kids who need that to know how many more to expect. 

The WELL DONE! pages are great motivators. 

I like the inclusion of critical thinking word problems. This is NOT a full math curriculum by any means, but it is great for skill building and maintaining. 

Overall, parts of this work really well for us, parts of this could potentially work really well if I can figure out a solution for the headaches, and part isn't as needed for our situation. We have really enjoyed using this, and highly recommend it to others. Definitely try it out for yourself and see how it works for your family. I can't wait to try it out with Princess J. I really thought she could use it right now, but as it turns out it's just slightly outside of her ability this time. I am really excited about the fluency builder and Times Tables Tutor portions as that has really been our favorite portions. Once Mr. B can get over the headaches caused by the Engaging Eyes part, I know that will really help him a LOT. I LOVE the reports that are given. This is a great help to showcase progress, and I even use those in his end of the year portfolio reviews! 

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