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Mr. B is all about making money, budgeting, and planning his financial 13 years old HAHA! He has had his own savings account and safe for over a year now, and he likes to "invest" his money. When I saw The Kingdom Code come up for review, I just knew The Complete Starter Kit would be a huge hit! In addition to The Complete Starter Kit, for this review we also received some bonus items! We also received the JR Budget Kit and The Kingdom Code Coloring Book

There are a lot of components to the budgeting curriculum. It's very full and covers so much! 


The student test is the only bound item in the kit. I do kind of wish the student pages were also bound like this because it would just be easier for us, but many others would prefer the hole punched loose pages. It is full of colorful pages that pack in a lot of learning information. I wasn't really expecting lessons on things such as supply and demand, but all of that is included and worded in such a way that the targeted age group can easily understand. 

As you can see, the Student Text does a really great job walking your child through the course. This particular lesson spurred Mr. B to want to help out more at Church. So now he counts the offering money each week. 

The Student Pages are a lot of fun. Like I mention down below, we use the color, non hole punched pages as posters and reference sheets rather than for the binder. The receipt book is really great. Mr. B likes to have his own sales, and cleaning services. He has used the receipts when charging family for his cleaning services. He's learning a lot about accountability and paper trails to make sure you know where money has come from and gone, and protecting yourself in the event someone doesn't pay, but claims they did! It is important to note that these pages are consumable and intended for only one student. You can purchase individual student sets for additional students. 

Mr. B likes the treasure map. He likes to put the sticker markers on it when he finishes a unit. 

The student workbook pages are very sturdy and full color. They're more cardstock and less paper, which means they hold up to turning and writing very well. I am really not a fan of thin paper workbooks, so I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered this is nice and thick/sturdy. 

 The flash cards are a lot of fun, and we use them game show style. 

The Teacher's Guide is really great. It's a very useful tool for parents to have on hand. It guides you through the program and provides the answers to everything. I actually stuck this in the front of the total binder so we could both reference it if needed. 

On to the bonuses!

 As I mentioned before, The Kingdom Code blessed us with TWO bonuses! The Jr Budgeting Kit and The Kingdom Code Coloring Book! The budgeting kit is a great tool to teach how to wisely use money. Mr. B is bad to get his mind set on one thing, and focus only on that-applying all of his money to that goal. I've been trying to teach him to save more, and spend less, and this is certainly a step in the right direction! 

Binder inserts and stickers are a great addition. The binder inserts help to identify binders, but we use them as posters instead. I placed everything-even the Teacher's Guide-in the same binder for our ease of use. So the colorful pages are used as posters. I did ultimately hole punch them to keep in the binder, and he takes them out as he wants. I like the stickers. They're great to reinforce the lessons on distributing money. 

The coloring book is a lot of fun. It has thin lined pictures that are good for an older child, or even a younger one still, to color in to reinforce the lessons being taught. 


Overall, I'm very impressed by this program and Mr. B LOVES it. I do wish there was a KJV version as we do not use the NIV. Mr. B didn't like that part, but he still likes the overall program enough to keep using it. It's fun, and very well thought out and planned. I was actually shocked at how much there is to this! I thought it was just a study that showed what the Bible says about earning money, and that's that. I had no idea it was as comprehensive as it is! We HIGHLY recommend this to EVERYONE!!!!

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  1. We are glad that you enjoyed our program! We would love to hear more about Mr. B's business as he continues to progress through The Kingdom Code.


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