Learning US History with Memoria Press! {{REVIEW}}

Over the years, we have been super blessed with amazing products from Memoria Press to review. This go round, we really needed something for social studies because Mr. B had ran through everything already. We were very happy to be chosen to review The Story of the Thirteen Colonies & the Great Republic Set and 200 Questions About American History Set. These are intended for grades 5-8. These are two separate sets that work beautifully together, and I would recommend having both to form a great study! For this review, we received both physical sets, including the Flash Cards.

The Story of the Thirteen Colonies & the Great Republic is a 3 book set that includes a student reading text, a student guide, and a teacher's guide. Memoria Press uses a highly edited, concise version of H. A. Guerber's turn of the century book on history. It is edited to reflect pivotal historical events that had yet taken place at the time H. A. Guerber was writing. 

The Student Text begins pre-Columbus and goes to the Spanish-American War in 85 chapters. There's also an end section dedicated to U.S. Presidents. Chapters are NOT long and drawn out. The book is relatively thin, and chapters are just a few pages each. You can find the table of contents and a chapter sampling HERE. It is written in a very easy to read, easy to understand format with a tone that's storytelling/conversational in my opinion. It's formal, but not stuffy if that makes sense. There are pictures interspersed throughout. Considering this was written 100 years ago, it's very fitting for current times. 

The Student Guide is 104 pages that correspond with the text. Each lesson features Facts to Know, Vocabulary, Reading Comprehension, and Enrichment. Here's a sample page
Facts to Know: These are a few little tidbit facts from the reading.

Vocabulary: A few words (three to ten) that are bold face for your student to learn, and write the definition for.

Reading Comprehension: These are short answer questions that go with the reading text. 

Enrichment: Additional learning that varies among the lessons. For example, Lesson 1 features 3 parts-Map work, Timeline work, and Research. Lesson 14, on the other hand, has map work and Composition where you are to pretend to be Ben Franklin, and you have to compose the speech you would have given to the King of France to convince him to help the Americans during the Revolutionary War. 

Both the Student Guide and the Teacher Guide include information in the back such as poems, The Gettysburg Address, The Declaration of Independence, and more. 

The Teacher Guide is 126 pages. It has all the answers for the Student Guide, along with tests and answers for the tests. There's also a sample for the Teacher Guide to help you get a better feel for it. 

Overall, Mr. B has really enjoyed working on The Story of the Thirteen Colonies & the Great Republic and we plan to finish the study over the summer. 

200 Questions About American History is exactly that, a study that is 200 questions about American History from Colonial history to "I Have a Dream." It also includes U.S. Presidents.

 This study utilizes the Guerber text from The Story of the Thirteen Colonies & the Republic, as well as Story of the World Vol. 4. The Student Guide is 25 pages, and includes the lyrics for The Star Spangled Banner, Old Ironsides, and Oh Captain! My Captain! 

The Teacher Guide includes all the answers plus tests and quizzes. 

This set also includes Flash Cards. Mr. B LOVES these flash cards, and he likes to play game shows with them. He will play "Cash Cab" or "Jeopardy" where he's the host and we are the contestants. These cards are PERFECT For that! 

Mr. B has really enjoyed doing this review, and we plan to finish both sets over the summer to include in his portfolio for next year! Be sure to check out those sample pages and more reviews from The Homeschool Review Crew! 

The Homeschool Review Crew was blessed with multiple choices for review. 
Simply Classical Writing Book One: Step-by-Step Sentences (Bible Story Edition) and Simply Classical Writing Book Two: Step-by-Step Sentences (Bible Story Edition) with Teacher Key, Skill level about 1st-3rd grade

Simply Classical Spelling Book One: Step-by-Step Words and Simply Classical Spelling Book Two: Step-by-Step Words, Skill level about 1st-3rd grade

The Story of the Thirteen Colonies & the Great Republic Set and 200 Questions About American History set, grades 5-8

The Wars of the Jews set, grades 9+

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