Hey Mama! Homeschool Planner for 2019/20 Year REVIEW

If you have ever had the chance to meet Gena Suarez then you know she is truly a wonderful, caring individual who strives to share the Lord's love through homeschooling. She is the author of the Hey Mama! Homeschool Planner for 2019/20 Year, and her Hey Mama! notes of inspiration are spread through out this beautifully arranged planner to gently remind you that you're not alone in your homeschooling journey.  Editor of  The Old Schoolhouse® magazine, along with her husband, Gena's hard work shows through all facets of The Old Schoolhouse®

The Hey Mama! Homeschool Planner for 2019/20 Year is a great planner to have on hand. As you can see from the pictures, it's absolutely beautiful. The planner features calming artwork on the cover, with a wire comb style binding for easy turning. When opened, the planner will lay open flat to make adding notes or plans easy. With ample space all around, even I can easily write in this planner and I always seem to run out of space when writing! 

 Interspersed throughout the planner are these wonderful letters of encouragement from Gena. This is what truly sets this planner apart from others. These are meaningful, heartfelt letters straight to you when you need them the most. Her words are powerful, and seem to truly target what I'm going through at that moment. 

There are a variety of pages in the planner. Below is a "Notes" page. This page features basically a blank page with lines for easy writing. I use this as almost a journal of sorts. Whatever I'm going through, what I want to pray about, things that are coming up that I just haven't had a chance to schedule yet are all put into the notes section. 

 I like how this planner features everything you need. Where we live, we don't have to keep attendance, but if we did there's an attendance chart included in the planner for easy record keeping. The Books Read This Year is GREAT for us. I can never remember all the books Mr. B and Princess J have read! Mr. B especially loves to read non fiction on whatever topic he's into at the moment, so he can blow through dozens of books in a year. I like being able to jot down the books that have been read so I can just photocopy that page for our end of the year review.

The bulk of our end of the year review revolves around the goals I have set for the year. I LOVE this feature of the planner. I can easily map out my overall goals for the year, and just photocopy the page for his review rather than writing it all out again. I also like how it is split between yearly goals and semester goals so that you have both long and short term goals to work on.

Curriculum planning is also included, and you can do this by the child. I like how there's a page with just blank lines so that I can write out things specific to that child plus write down the curriculum plans I have. 

In addition to these pages are all of the calendar pages that you'd typically find in a planner with ample space to write in. At the back is an equally lovely back cover with a note from Gena. 


Overall, I LOVE the Hey Mama! planner. It's definitely my go to favorite, and I use daily. I love the added pages in addition to the calendar pages because they truly make record keeping and planning so much easier. I need all the organization help I can get, and the Hey Mama! Homeschool Planner is just what I need to bring order to the chaos! But don't take my word for it! Click the banner below to read more reviews by The Homeschool Review Crew! And check out my review of the 2016/2017 Hey Mama! planner to see how it's changed! 

Hey, Mama! Homeschool Planner for 2019/20 Year {The Old Schoolhouse® Reviews}
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