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We LOVE Science in this house! We are always on the hunt for fun, cool, interesting science choices, and we found a dandy in Supercharged Science. For the last several weeks, we have been blessed to be reviewing a full year of access to e-Science Homeschool Science Curriculum for all levels, K-12. 

So you may be asking yourself just what in the world is Supercharged Science?!  Supercharged Science is all online. there are videos (LOTS of videos...over 1000 total!), and hands on experiments that use things normal people already have. I know I really don't like having to search all over the planet trying to find some obscure item to make an experiment work, I'd much rather pull out an egg and some white vinegar that I already have in the kitchen!

This is a move about as you please type of program, or you can choose a specific grade level and work your way through it from start to finish in the order presented to you. It's also self guided so kids can pretty much fly solo while working on this.

NOTE: This is a creation-neutral perspective so it works well with both secular and non-secular philosophi
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Our Experience

Mr. B really does well with a hands on approach. I was a little iffy on the videos at first, because he will lose interest in videos quickly sometimes, but these videos are fairly short. We did not find any videos that were more than 15-20 minutes long, which is well within his tolerable zone. They're also very engaging and informational, and he soaks that sort of thing up. Princess J was also able to watch along, and take part in the experiments, too, even on his level because I could tone it down for her to understand on a more basic level. 

We worked on this an average of 3-4 days a week. He needed a little help navigating to the lessons, but once he got there, Mr. B was more than able to navigate through the lessons on his own, allowing me the time to get things done around the house, do my own work, or help Princess J with her work. Mr. B LOVES watching the Andy Griffith Show, and in one episode Opie has a rubber egg that he made with vinegar. Needless to say, Mr. B loved that one the most and we have gone through at least a dozen eggs as a result! 

Mr, B also really enjoyed the experiments using a microscope. He received a new microscope for Christmas last year, so this was the perfect way to use it!! He really enjoyed looking at plant skins, like onion skin, and drawing what he saw. We also got some icky water from outside to look for protozoa! 

Another favorite experiment he did talked about digestion, and how it begins in the mouth. Mr. B really liked dissolving crackers on his tongue!!

We mainly concentrated on 7th and 8th grade science, but Supercharged Science has something grade appropriate for grades 1-12.  Right now the program is available by grade level to subscribers, but you can't purchase it that way yet. For example, if you get the K-8 package, you can just send them a note for to set up access for a specific grade level for that set of grades. 

Overall, Supercharged Science has worked very well for us. Mr. B and Princess J both love the hands on aspect, and I love how hands off it is for me. We highly recommend this to others! 

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