Learning World History with Pathway to Liberty! {{REVIEW}}

Having a minor in history myself, it is no surprise that history is a favorite subject around here. Mr. B LOVES watching documentaries, and reading history books. When I first heard of Pathway to Liberty Homeschool Curriculum, I was very excited for the chance to check out Pathway to Liberty's World History Level 2, one of Pathway to Liberty's History Curriculum sets. 

For this review, we received a wire bound Student Guide, wire bound Teacher Guide, paperback The Chain of Liberty reading book, and a paperback The Chain of Liberty Study Guide

Pathway to Liberty History Curriculums link scripture to history, showcasing God's Glory in everything. EAch week features a scripture to learn, a principle, and a leading idea. There is a main lesson, as well as writing options that differ among the levels, expanded history where you can dig deeper, and vocabulary words.

The great thing about Pathway to Liberty is if you have multiple kids on different levels, they can all use the same history and study the same topic. This course is made for K5-12th grade, with different student guides for different levels. The weekly overview pages give the teacher the plan for every level, for 26 weeks of learning to make this a full year curriculum.  

Our Experience

The first thing I did was open the Teacher Guide. It is a few pages smaller than the student guide, because the student book allows for extra space for your child to write his/her answers. The first thing I noticed is that you only need ONE teacher's guide for ALL levels! That's fantastic if you have multiple children. I am not one to like a bazillion books for one subject, so to be able to use the same teacher guide and reduce down the number of books that I have to keep up with is fantastic! Here is a photo that shows you how the lessons are arranged by level. When I first looked at it, I thought that was all for one level HAHA! But then I actually read the page HAHA! (Novel idea, right?)

Another thing I like is that the plans aren't all gathered in the front, then the lessons arranged after. The arrangement of this book makes logical sense to me. First we have the Weekly overview, then the weekly lessons follow. This is great for my line of thinking because I like to have everything arranged in a weekly fashion. 

We chose World History because Mr. B has taken an interest in more modern history lately. He's still interested in Ancient History and the like, but he's really taken an interest particularly in WWI and WWII. Here is the Table of Contents so you can see what all is covered. 

I like that this teaches research, as well. We found ample space for Mr. B to write his answers. He's been eager to do his lessons, which is a big deal right now. Most lessons include a YouTube video to watch on the Pathway to Liberty YouTube channel, so that's something to be aware of if internet connections are limited. I was a bit confused at first because there was no link for the channel, but it was easy to find and figure out. One video I found particularly interesting from lesson one, and that was a video on how to do a word study. I could have used that in my college days! Here are photos of lesson one's completed work.  

I also like how this starts out by laying the foundation of history, putting God at the forefront, and explaining why we learn history. 


Overall, Pathway to Liberty History Curriculum is a very full and rich history program that provides a year's worth of history studies for multiple ages. Level 2 is for upper elementary/early middle school ages to around 6th grade, and I would say that age grouping is pretty on par. The Chain of Liberty, required reading for this history and included in our review, is easy to read and not at all boring. The study guide that we also received provides for additional discussion and printed work, and we plan to use this for his end of the year portfolio review. The Chain of Liberty showcases the foundational history of the United States, and like links in a chain, links various attributes of history. I highly recommend this to others!

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