I'm always on the hunt for fun, and unique educational products, especially products that make learning fun. Bonus points if those programs are easy to take on the go, and require minimal interference on my part. EdAlive allowed us to review two really fun, educational programs that cover all the bases! Typing Tournament Online and Maths Invaders Online are very fun, interactive programs that my son loves! For this review, we received a One-Year subscription to both!

Typing Tournament Online is a fun way to learn keyboarding skills. I will say this, it is NOT easy! I played around with it for a while, and I am no stranger to typing at all (obviously...) and my fingers got all kinds of tangled haha! There are some timed tests, and it measures words per minute (WPM.) Mr. B doesn't do as well with things that are timed, and tends to move slower than slow when he knows he's being timed, causing more frustration on his part. He liked the overall concept of Typing Tournament Online, and he liked the medieval theme with the knight. He LOVED the map to show progress, and the badges that he could earn every now and then for completing certain milestones like typing 250 words

It is very easy to log in, and choose the option you want. You go to your map and click on the map point you are on. 

The map is a great visual guide to show where the student is, and where they are going. And the progress points have different icons related to the level. 

Overall, we both like this one a lot. It's a little out of Princess J's ability at the moment, but it's perfect for Mr. B. He's not a big fan of being timed, but realizes it is a necessity for this type of program. Once we figured out we could backspace, it really helped his accuracy, which led to a great completion rate, which led to him liking the program a lot more than when he first started. So you can backspace, and that's a handy piece of information to have! 

Maths Invaders Online is a lot of fun, and both Mr. B and Princess J can play on this. There are a few different options from the login page, but both tended to gravitate to the first, Galactic Campaign. 

Galactic Campaign is a fun game where you are saving a world from the Maths Invaders. You answer math problems correctly, press enter or space bar to fire your laser beam, and do all this before time runs out. There are different levels, but the kids stayed on the slower level. 

I like that this game also has a map that servers as a visual representation of where your child needs to go. 

Your child earns stars, and they have to earn at least one to move on to the next area. They earn stars by beating the timer in various speed levels. 

Another game we tried out is Space Rescue. You can either play against others, or the computer. I do not know if there is a chat feature to this game as I only allowed them to play against the computer. 

I wish I could explain this game, but if I'm being honest we didn't really understand it haha! We just picked a space to put a charge, and hoped for the best. At the end of the game, you have to recharge by answering math problems. 

Practice is practice haha! Your child can choose what they want to work on, and it's similar to Galactic Campaign, but with different problems that your child has more control over. 

Another really neat feature is the ability to print off worksheets, and I noticed the games have corresponding worksheets you can print off, as well. 

Overall, we really like EdAlive. Typing Tournament Online is not easy, but it's not so difficult a child can't do it. It's designed to be challenging and teach good typing skills and habits. It's very thorough. Maths Invaders Online is just flat out fun haha! It's like a video game that teaches math skills, and the kids don't even know they're doing school work. We will definitely keep using this one! 3

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