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We love YWAM Publishing because they publish some of the best biographical books we've every had the pleasure of reading. Add to that their fantastic study guides, and you seriously can't go wrong! They have two different series of books they offer: Christian Heroes: Then & Now covers 47 books and spans from the 1700s to around the 1960s and present. Heroes of History has 29 books currrently, and brings to life the stories of men and women whose lives shaped history. For this review, we were blessed to receive Heroes of History- Abraham Lincoln.

Mr. B chose Abraham Lincoln because he has taken a real interest in presidents lately, especially those featured on our money. Mr. B is quite the collector, and has recently gotten into collecting coins and small bills, which made Lincoln a great choice for us, and fitting for what we are currently studying.

Lincoln has been on the United States penny since 1905, and he's also on the Five-Dollar bill. You can also find his image on the One-dollar United States Presidential coin. Mr. B has a collection of wheat pennies, as well as steel wheat pennies, and new pennies all bearing the image of our 16th President! 

Mr. B was eager to sit down with this book, and learn about what made President Lincoln's life worthy of such an honor as to be immortalized on our currency. He was surprised to discover Lincoln was born in Kentucky, and had lived a poor life. Self taught, Lincoln goes on to become a lawyer and a statesman. He was truly a self made man, in that he did not come from money, and did not have the luxury of having that as a resource from which to pull. 

We were also both struck by the differences between Lincoln and his wife, Mary Todd. While both had been born in Kentucky, and raised by a step mother, they were very difference. Lincoln's step mom was warm, and loving of him, while Mary's was the exact opposite and the reason she had left her father's home to move to Springfield and live with her sister. The two began courting and were planning to be wed in an event that would be the talk of the town, but he had a moment of panic and canceled. THEN They began courting again, and were wed nearly 2 years after the original date after a very short courtship. I laughed, as a wedding planner, when I found out they gave their hostess only four hours notice! Can you imagine a presidential wedding today?! The two were also different in that Lincoln grew up quite poor, in a one room log cabin, while Mary had been doted on her whole life with servants to be at her call. When they married, they rented a one room apartment and this was quite different for Mary. She was used to the mansion lifestyle with slaves and servants, and Lincoln felt at home, but with slightly more space haha! 

The book not only gives insight into his early life, and how he got started into politics, but it also talks about the Civil War, his feelings toward slavery, and abolishing slavery. The story ends, of course, with Lincoln's assassination. It is not glossed over, but it is presented in a child friendly manner appropriate for the reading level. I was a bit surprised that Dr. Mudd was not mentioned as being the man who treated John Wilks Booth's broken leg, unknowingly, so Mr. B and I discussed that for a period after finishing the book. 


The study guide is really great. In addition to activity suggestions that span various subjects, we tended to stick with the famous quotes and reading discussion questions. I had Mr. B create an Abraham Lincoln Notebook, and each chapter he would copy some of the quotes (one if it was a longer quote) and answer the questions below. 

One of the suggested activities is a "Collection Corner"  Mr. B was all too happy to get started on that one!

Overall, we have both really enjoyed reading about the life and times of Abraham Lincoln,and discovering what it was that cause his image to live on on our United States Currency, and on Mt. Rushmore along side our 7th great uncle, President Thomas Jefferson. We would highly recommend this to others, especially with the study guide! 

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Study Guides - Christian Heroes Then & Now & Heroes of History {YWAM Publishing Reviews}

Study Guides - Christian Heroes Then & Now & Heroes of History {YWAM Publishing Reviews}
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