Online History with Techie Homeschool Mom {{REVIEW}}

It wasn't too long ago I was sitting here thinking about, wishing, and hoping for a really good online history program that was both fun, age appropriate, and rich with learning. I was on the hunt for something interactive, educational, and varied enough to keep Mr. B's attention, and I found just that with the Ancient Rome Online Unit Study by Techie Homeschool Mom

The Techie Homeschool Mom is a mom who is a teacher turned homeschool mom. She and her husband decided long before they even had children that they wanted to homeschool. Thinking about her daughters' future in a tech driven world, she wanted to provide them with an outstanding digital education that would prepare them for just such a future. We all get to benefit in the form of the amazing Unit Studies on her site! There is so much thought and love poured into these lessons, they are a true blessing! 

For this review, we received access to the Ancient Rome Unit Study. This is a fully online digital program, and we have access to it as long as we need. Ahhhh the beauty of a truly self-paced study! You can start  and finish when you need, and move about at your leisure! 

Mr. B is middle school aged, and he can read and navigate the internet on his own. As a result, he's perfectly capable of doing the bulk of the course work on his own. Younger children can still benefit (as well as older children) but younger kiddos may need a little assistance. 

After we logged in, I was impressed with just how much bulk was in this course. I read each module consisted of 2-3 hours of course work, but I guess my mind didn't take note of that. There  is a lot of information here! Mr. B has done all sorts of online projects (his favorite has been traveling to Rome via Google Earth, and plotting the mileage between our home, and the center of Rome!) and he's watched a lot of videos. There are some hands on activities, but a material list is included. There are books on Epic that your child is to read. You may be able to find those digitally online if your library supports that, if not there's a 30 day trial to Epic that the Techie Mom recommends, and you can cancel at no cost before your 30 days are up. Anyway, back to our experience. I didn't think I was going to get my computer back once Mr. B started on this! He LOVED it from the very beginning!

We both loved the projects. In the Roman Architecture and Engineering Module, Mr. B constructed a stone road. Now we realize this isn't exactly how the roads were constructed, but we did our best with what we had on hand-in other words, no sand or flat stones. But the concept is still there. 

For the Roman Languages module, you can make roman coins from clay! Mr. B wanted to do this before I had a chance to make a clay run, so he took some of his coins he has now, covered them with foil, and made his own. He actually spent a great deal of time researching Roman coins because coins are his "thing" at the moment.

For the Military and War module, we actually had a cardboard Roman Soldier set! He had a lot of fun coloring that. We also took some time to watch some movies we have such as Sampson, the Gospel of John, and The Apostle Paul. I thought the time period was a good fit. (sorry, no photo. He absolutely would NOT allow it! HAHA!) 

The unit study has a recommended movie list that includes Spartacus and Ben-Hur. M was all too happy to accommodate that!

Overall, we really loved this unit study. It brought back a lot of memories from when we got to see the Pompeii traveling exhibit, and sparked a lot of side road learning and discussion, which is exactly what you want in a unit study. 

Photos from the Pompeii exhibit we were able to attend. The first is a loaf of bread, and the next two are the body casts. 

Overall, I think this is a GREAT online unit study, and I would love to try out the others! IT is full, and rich with content, and it is also fun. This unit study does a great job at covering the topic in full, and Mr. B has done very well with it, working on his own for the most part. This unit study has made him WANT to learn more about Ancient Rome, and spurred a lot of side research and discussion. Overall, A+! 

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