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We love all things science in this house. Mr. B can go through a full science curriculum in a matter of weeks, and we frequently have to get 4-5 different products each year just to keep him occupied. When I first heard of CrossWired Science, I was intrigued to say the least! This science program crosses realms and show cases principles of science in a unique and totally different manner than what we have seen in the past. 

CrossWired Science is a brand new company out there for parents and students. For this review, we were blessed to receive early access to their first two projects: Sound, and Fluid Dynamics. It is important to mention that it is a "work in progress" meaning it's still being built and tweaked, so this is perfect for those who like to get in on the ground level of a company and watch it grow and blossom. Currently they have two topics available, and these two topics take you through roughly three months as a full science curriculum, or you can use it as full and rich supplement if you want. There is no linear structure built in to the program, and you can pick and choose as you wish through the program, but as always I recommend starting at the beginning. There is a suggested calendar, and a page dedicated to suggestions on how to proceed. I'd recommend visiting that page, and following the guidelines in order to get the most out of this. 


CrossWired Science takes seemingly unrelated things, and shows how they use the same processes. They use the concept of "Global Topics," and over the course of the topic they "crosswire" a variety of topics and link back to the global. 

Digging Deeper: CrossWired Science has what they term "Gold Digs." This section digs deeper, and goes more in depth into the topic at hand. For example, Fluid Dynamincs-what we started with-has a 5-part digging deeper section that goes into great detail on BONES. 

Our Thoughts & Experience

Even though this is not yet a fully completed program, and they are continuing to add to it, we love it. The two global topics that are available are very well thought out, and well planned. A lot of time and effort has gone into this program, and it definitely shows! There are two sections: First Timers and Second Timers. First Timers is for those who are experiencing the material for the first time, and perhaps younger students. Second Timers is for those who have experienced this before. The same images are used for both channels, but the questions and wording are different. We used both for this review, and Mr. B did equally well on them both.

One thing I REALLY loved is that Mr. B at nearly 14 can work along side Princess J, who is just over 6, learning the same global topics. While she can't do the same level of work as him, obviously, she can do the color pages, and loves the readings. I was also very pleased to see books we already have as part of the reading list such as a book we've reviewed in the past about Thomas Edison, and one of Mr. B's favorite Astronomy books!

This is good for all ages, and I mean ALL ages. I could easily see a parent sitting with their 4-5 year old, learning right beside them. This is great for families with multiple children who are on different educational grade levels.

Each lesson has a video you watch, and an online quiz to complete. The videos are fun, engaging, and not very long. The not very long is pretty important here because Mr. B loves watching videos, but before they start if they show a really long duration he isn't as cooperative at the start. They are packed with fun sounds, cool animations, and really are a great way to learn about the topic. There's also an online quiz that follows the videos. Mr. B did very well with these on his own, with little intervention on my part.

The projects also have a number of different worksheets that are available, "U Choose" areas where your child chooses the activity like Apps, Articles, Books, Coloring pages, Collections, and more. There are general links for added exploration, reading suggestions, field trip suggestions, and experiment instructions. There are also Teen Devotionals and Sci-Devotional. This a very rich, and full program that we will definitely continue to use!


Overall, we really love using this. It's a great way for Mr. B to link concepts to an overall bigger picture. It's great that Princess J can watch with him. Every user has access to both channels, but they ask that you do not put two users on the same "package." The methods used to teach the Global Topics work very well with his way of thinking. We can't wait until the next two projects are up and running, and I wouldn't mind going through this all a second time use the Second Timers channel, too. 

We are only one of SEVERAL Homeschool Review Crew families to review this new science program. Please click the banner below to read their reviews! And don't forget to check out the SAMPLE COURSE from CrossWired Science! 

Sound, and Fluid Dynamics {CrossWired Science Reviews}
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