Learning about Bible Stories in a fun, creative way {REVIEW}

Do your kids love reading books full of engaging adventure that also pack a lesson within the pages? If so, The Secrete of the Hidden Scrolls series by WorthyKids, an imprint of Hachette Book Group may be just the book series you need in your life!  We were blessed to receive The Great Escape (Book #3) and Journey to Jericho (Book #4) to review. 

The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls series is fun, entertaining, and packs a good Bible lesson in each book. Written by M.J. Thomas, The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls is his solution to not being able to find a book series for kids that dealt with Bible stories in a way that worked for their family. The characters in the books: Peter, his sister Mary, and their dog Hank, are based off Thomas's own son, niece, and pet. The children are living with their Uncle Solomon when they discover the hidden scrolls in Book #1, books 3 an 4 pick up right there, with the trio discovering these scrolls that transport them back to specific times in Biblical history. 

In this book, the children are whisked away to Ancient Egypt. After befriending the Pharaoh's daughter, they bare witness to the plagues of Egypt after Moses petition for the freedom of the Israelites. The children are spared from the last, the death of the first born son, when they are with the Israelites in the end. This book does a fantastic job of bringing Exodus to life. These books are not straight factual Bible accounts, but instead they paint a picture that will allow your child to see what life would have been like during that time, and they contain enough facts that I feel comfortable allowing Mr. B to read alone.

In this book, the trio travels once more to the ancient world as the Isrealites are trying to enter the Promised Land. The kids are spies on a mission to help the Israelites overcome the Walls of Jericho. Mr. B really liked the dynamic between the Angel Michael helping the kids and Satan trying to hinder the progress. He was able to take that and apply to other areas of his life. 

Overall, we really like these books a lot. Mr. B can read them on his own in about an hour or so. They're intended for a lower reading level-around 2nd to 3rd grade or so I feel, so it's easy for him. He doesn't get all hung up on tightly written sentences or paragraphs, instead he's able to just focus on the storyline and plot development. The characters are easy to relate to being kids, and of course Hank the dog is always a hit! There's a bit of suspense in there when your reader may wonder if they'll solve the scroll in time to get back home, and that adds to the overall enjoyment factor. We would highly recommend these to others! 

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The Great Escape & Journey To Jericho {WorthyKids Reviews}
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  1. Thank you for reviewing the Secret of the Hidden Scrolls! I'm so glad your family enjoyed the books.
    M. J. Thomas

    1. Hi! Thanks for writing them! We love these books. They're so much fun, and really bring the stories to the child's level in a meaningful way!


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