Gluten Free Thursday


Cookies. I'm not a huge fan of all things sweets, but I do love cookies. Rest assured, gluten free friends, I've found cookies. Great Value brand (walmart) have a gluten free "sandwich" cookie that is VERY similar to oreos! They are GOOOOOOOOOOOOD! There's also a salted caramel style, a fudge striped style, and of course Enjoy Life has a multitude of choices. I've yet to find one I don't like, but I feel horrible when they aren't being eaten fast enough. I also haven't found a suitable (ie affordable) pie crust. You know where this is leading....right?


I'll take the cookies, put them in a ziploc and then crush them. If they have cream in the middle, this helps them stick together. If not, you can just melt a little butter and use it like a graham cracker crust. Once I form the crust, I chill it so that it gets set properly. After that, I like to whip up a pudding/custard filling and make an really fast, easy gluten free pie! 

Let me know how this works for you!