You seriously can't be too careful!

I've had strange things happen before like a guy who parked right directly beside my driver's door at walmart in an empty lot, or just general weirdo people that seemed to be in every aisle...but nothing that compared to tonight. Tonight I was honestly frightened-and that's hard to do.

First, let me say I am NOT an easy victim. I've had years of self-defense and martial arts training. I have even taught classes myself. I am the one who parks only in well lit areas, and I make sure I can see under my care as I approach. I check inside before I get in, lock my doors, have my keys in my hand, and I'm always looking around, checking out my surroundings. I make sure I know where every exit is, and how to get in and out quickly if the need arises-all skills taught me in class from such an early age that it has become almost instinctive to be this way. Again, I am NOT an easy victim. So for this to happen to me is truly terrifying to me. 
I was at Gabe's ( a discount store that sells everything from towels and dishes to clothes and accessories)  enjoying some quiet time to myself when I found myself browsing through the women's shirts. After a few minutes I noticed a normal, good-looking guy behind me. Every where I went, he was literally one step away. If I moved down to one end of the rack, he was there. If I moved back, he was there. If I moved a rack over, he did, too. After about 10-15mins of playing follow the leader, he noticed that I noticed him, and I quick walked up front to the jewelry where I saw another woman. I told her to be careful, that it was probably just my imagination, but I got the feeling that a guy had been following me for the last 10 or 15 mins. She described him perfectly, and I said "YES! That's him! I'm sorry, is he your husband?" She said, "No! Honey, we thought he was YOUR husband! He has been right with you since you came in the store!" Apparently, this guy had been right with me so much, that others had noticed and thought he was my husband or boyfriend helping me shop! THAT'S when it scared me! I didn't even notice him until I heard him shuffling stuff on the clothing racks! So instead of following me for the 10-15mins I THOUGHT, it was more like 30 mins! After I walked quickly away from him, I noticed him drop his head and walk away to a different section of women's clothing-closer to the shoes-almost as quickly as I left the area myself. I informed the cashier who offered to walk me out, and also said she was going to walk the store looking for him, and contact their security to make sure he wasn't up to something. But just be careful! Pay attention to who is around you, and don't be afraid that you're just being paranoid. It's better to be safe than sorry!


  1. I am so glad nothing happened. This is awful and scary. Thank you for reminding us of the dangers.


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