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Online Reading Eggs Suite

So last year I reviewed a subscription to Reading Eggs, and online reading curriculum that Mr. B loves. Well guess what! They now have workbooks! Nine new workbooks to be exact!  These full color workbooks work hand in hand with the online subscription based service to bring you all of the amazingness that is Reading Eggs to your fingertips in book form! For this review, we received 200 Essential Reading Skills for 5th Grade. We also received an additional three months of online access.

Online Reading Eggs Suite

What is Reading Eggs & How does it work?

Well,the online subscription based curriculum brings reading alive. Your child has a virtual apartment, and he completes tasks in Reading, language arts, and even math, to earn "eggs" to furnish his apartment. As a parent, you can see the progress your child makes, their Lexile score, grades and more for easy end of the year bookkeeping. Featuring both fiction and non fiction, Reading Eggs helped us meet our reading requirement in a fun, easy way. I simply printed off the parent report and put it in my son's portfolio for easy review. 
The workbooks are very similar. These are full color, and feature selected readings, like the online version, in a wide range of topics that cover a wide range of skills. Arranged over a 5 day work week, your child will work on one page each day. For 5th grade, your child will learn:
Reading Comprehension




As I mentioned above, each book goes along with the online subscription. So the 5th grade workbook would be for Reading Eggspress. There's a "How to use this book" feature, as well as a year long planner to help you stay organized. 

Our Experience:

Mr. B was just as excited as I was when the workbook arrived in our mailbox. While a lot of color and graphics can sometimes be a distraction for kiddos with ADHD and Autism, Mr. B does very well with books such as these. He instantly noticed the arrangement of the pages, and the corners of them saying Week 1 Day 1, etc. This is great for him because has a visual guide to know exactly what to do. The lessons are short enough that you can easily do an online lesson as well as a workbook lesson as a followup for additional practice. One thing I had wanted from the online experience was a way to reinforce the lesson beyond the available printed lesson. This fulfills that want, and exceeds my expectations! 
One activity asks your child to read a passage, then color, underline, circle, etc. certain aspects of it. Mr. B isn't always the greatest at follow steps such as that, so these activities are a little harder for him BUT they are GREAT practice! As you can see from the photos I've added, I did the first activity with him, and then he did the second on his own. I like the use of color in the activities because again, that visual reference is so important. 
Mr. B really likes the length of the lessons. There's not a ton of writing that he has to do, and he finds the lessons enjoyable and easy to complete on his own. He had to spend a few days with my niece and her mom while I was having some remodeling done at our home. It was really convenient to be able to mark the pages I wanted him to complete, and stick it in his backpack. It's really great for on the go families who sometimes have the need to "Car School" instead of Homeschool! 


Overall, we like the Reading Eggs Workbooks as much as the online program, and find the two work together beautifully. They deliver a very solid reading program, in my opinion. We highly recommend both the Workbooks and the online subscription.

Even Better?
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