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We were recently introduced to Roman Roads Media when we were offered a review of Picta Dicta Vocabulary Builder. Picta Dicta Vocabulary Builder is intended for middle grades to adult, and focuses on general reading vocabulary. By use of an interactive user platform, Picta Dicta covers verbs, adjectives, prepositions, and nouns for over 1,000 Latin words and concepts. Picta Dicta uses an approach that incorporates pictures, sounds, lexical information, definitions, and more. With varying difficulty levels, even adults will find this challenging and engaging. 
Roman Roads Media Picta Dicta Vocabulary Builder
For this review we received a 14-month subscription to Picta Dicta Vocabulary builder.
Roman Roads Media
How We Used This
I was lost trying to log in at first, typical me. I was going from the Roman Roads Media main page, and well...I was wrong. After I figured out that mistake (It's a Picta Dicta page, not Roman Roads Media) we were off and running! 
Each Student has their own separate login. Of course, typical me, it took me a while to figure that out and we just worked off mine haha! Which was ok for me, because I wanted Mr. B to have more practice anyway. 
To get started, you click on the GO button. This takes you to the actual course work. TRAIN is sort of like practice where you can choose the chapter and the game to play. You can train as much as you want.
 I wish the user interface was a bit more ME friendly. There's no next button that's blatantly clear to me, but there is this tiny...hand?...at the bottom of the screen that you click to go on. 
While that works, I'd like a clear NEXT to be there. That would be more special needs friendly, and more ME friendly. 
The games aren't hard. You're presented with a word and a picture, then you choose that picture again on the next screen. And this is how you learn the word. The word is also spoken for you. 

This screen provides additional pronunciation help. When you click on the word, the program will say it for you.

You can keep track of progress and grades on the main screen. This shows you what you've completed, and how well you've done. 

Within each chapter, there are a variety of exercises to help you learn each new vocabulary word. 

Learn: Each new word is introduced with a picture, then you pair the picture to the word.
Choose: A recap of Learn. 
Spell: You are given the picture, and you must type out the word. 
Forms: You're tasked with typing out more information on the word, such as the plural of the word, gender, etc. 
Test Forms: This is the same as Forms, but it's a test-similar to how Choose is a quiz of Learn.

Mr. B and I have both been using this, but I think it is better suited for an older student. Mr. B can understand it all just fine, but it doesn't hold his attention for long. He will only tolerate a little here and there, so it takes much longer to progress through a chapter for him than it does for me. He will ask to "play" when he sees me using it, then after a few minutes he wants to do something different. I'm sure it's the age/ADHD aspect and not the program as I find the program enjoyable and pleasant. I think with time, he would enjoy it more. Also, he's not a huge Latin fan. It's been difficult for me to find a Latin program he LOVES. So the fact he ASKS to do this, even if only for a few minutes, is a pretty great review. Overall, I'd recommend this to others-especially those in high school and up. I think it's a good program that really teaches more than just a word and how to say it. I am learning the word, the meaning of the word, spelling, and more. I really like it, a lot. 

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