Gluten Free Thursday

I've been finding it hard to find products that substitute what I love that has gluten with gluten free versions, and that's just not possible sometimes. Let's face, nothing can really take the place of a soft slice of bread. So I've been trying to focus on foods that are naturally gluten free, and incorporating more whole foods this way. I'm finding it's easier, more filling, healthier, and better for my gut overall. 

Here is a typical meal day for me:

Breakfast: Bacon/ham/sausage and eggs in some form.

Lunch: Salad, sometimes using left over breakfast meat. I will use gluten free croutons. I get these at Kroger, and they're pretty good.

Dinner: Pan seared meat such as pork or steak, starch such as potato or  rice. (Be careful, some packaged rice meals have gluten!) and a vegetable such as green beans.

Desserts will be pudding, ice cream, chocolates.

It is VERY important to remember that some things that you'd think are gluten free, aren't. I mean, I'd have never imagined SALSA would have gluten in it, but some brands do!