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We've been blessed, recently, with a few selections from Barbour Publishing to review for our little blog here. Not long ago, we were able to review Imagine . . . The Great Flood, and the author of that book has put his talent on paper again! The two most recent that we have received are from the Kingdom Files series. Mr. B loves books based on the Bible, so he was pretty excited when Who Was Jonah? and Who Was Mary, Mother of Jesus? arrived in our mailbox. These books are intended for ages up to about 10-13. The reading level is low enough that a younger child can read independently, and an older child can focus on content rather than reading skill, to make for a more enjoyable reading experience.

The Kingdom Files
These books bring to life people from the Bible who God used to work for His Kingdom. Featuring three sections-Fact File, Action File, and Power File-your reader will become a detective who ultimately concludes that the stories of the ancient world in the Bible are as applicable today and they were then. For us, this is especially important. Some concepts are just naturally harder for a kiddo with autism to "get." And sometimes, it's hard for him to make the connection from "old times" to now. These books help make those connections, which go on to help him make connections elsewhere, also.

About the Books:

Written by Matt Koceich, the design of both books makes the pages look like you're flipping through a file folder. The books both begin with a Fact File. This section gives the basic background of the character being studied. This gives details such as the timeline of their work for God, the locations important to their life and work, and key stats. 
Who Was Jonah?

Kingdome Files Who Was Jonah
One of our favorite Bible stories is about Jonah and the Whale. Mr. B was excited to learn more about Jonah, and read about his life and experiences. Who Was Jonah? is made up of eight chapters. After the Fact Files section, the Action Files begin with Chapter One. The story is the same as what is in the Bible, but it's more story like, and written for a child to understand. Jonah is trying to run away. He doesn't like God's plan for his life and work, so he tries to escape. Jonah doesn't trust in God, and this leads to trouble. While on board the ship he uses to try and run, a bad storm comes and begins tossing the ship around. Once the crew finds out it was Jonah who inadvertently caused such a violent storm, they throw him overboard and the seas calm. It is now the lesson of prayer and developing a strong relation comes into the picture. Jonah prays to God for help, as he is now in a lot of trouble with the big fish. Jonah finally makes his way to Nineveh, the city God wanted him to go to to do His work, and the King's heart is changed. The city now hears of God, and they have the ability to also turn to Him thanks to the work of Jonah.

Following the Action Files are the Power Files. For this book, there are ten total. The first is Obey God. I love how the author starts with this one. This, to me, is the most important because if we Obey God, everything else comes in place, too. The next is Don't Be Afraid. Even as adults, we often fall victim to being afraid of what we are being called to do. Each Power File has a memory verse, also, for your child to read and remember. 

Who Was Mary, Mother of Jesus?
Kingdome Files Who Was Mary Mother of Jesus
Like Who Was Jonah?, Who Was Mary, Mother of Jesus? begins with a Fact File, then proceeds into the Action File. The Action File is the bulk of the story part of the book. This is where your child will read about the life and work of the Bible Character the books are focused on. This book starts out with the prophet foretelling the birth of Jesus, and the angel telling Mary what was going to happen. Chapters two and three are about the birth of Jesus. These chapters cover Mary and Joseph's journey to Bethlehem and the three wise men visiting. Chapter four begins the rest of Jesus's life with him at the Temple, followed by the first miracle at the wedding feast, and then finally the death, burial, and resurrection. This book has six chapters, but the length is about the same as Who Was Jonah?. The end also features ten Power Files. These are different than the other book and include lesson topics such as "Let Your Life Glorify God," and "God Blesses You." Unlike Who Was Jonah?, this book also features a sneak peak to the next book, "Who Was David."

Both books feature some really cute and helpful graphics. Also, both have the memory verses throughout the book to reference and back up the story. Another great feature are lined pages in the back for notes. 
Here are a few photos to show you the inside of the books.

Overall, we feel blessed to have added these two books to our home library. I like that the topics are good for any age, but younger kids can benefit from reading them to themselves. They are good for family read-a-loud time, or as a bedtime story. I think Who Was Mary, Mother of Jesus? would make a great Christmas time book, also! 
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