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Math Essentials sent me their Math Refresher For Adults workbook to review recently. This work book is a great book for your students to use, but it's intended for adults to use to brush up on their skills. 
For this review, I received a physical workbook. 
Math Refresher for Adults
This is a 270 page paperback workbook that includes the answer key in the back. It's not small by any means! Included is a comprehensive study from general math to what I consider more lower level algebra and some basic geometry. 
I think everyone who doesn't use higher level math-you know, more than balancing a check book-on a regular basis can use a refresher now and again, especially those who have kids who may need homework help. How often have you sat and stared at your child's math lessons, scratching your head, trying to remember what you learned in math class decades ago? I can remember moments in my own college math classes, being the oldest student in the class (and sometimes the same age as the professor!) trying to remember how to calculate something as simple as slope. This book seeks to help all of that. It starts at the most basic of addition, and covers a large portion of the math your middle school and high school aged kids will have. 
How I Used This
I flipped through this book for several days, trying to figure out where to begin. I decided that this is good for adults, but it's also good for the kids, too. It's a great comprehensive guide for kids to use to keep up on their skills, no matter their math level and abilities. So I decided I'd leave the addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division parts for Mr. B to use as warm up pages, or "fast finishing" pages when he completes a lesson faster than I think he should. so far, that's been working rather well. For myself, I didn't really "need" to brush up on any of these skills. I had hoped there would be harder level algebra that I could use when I go to take my GRE soon, but I was pleasantly surprised to discover that I am still pretty good at the math in this book. Good for me, not so good for my review since I was hoping to be able to say YES! THIS HELPED ME SO MUCH! HAHA! Ok, so I DID find use in the geometry parts since it has been...oh...more than 2 decades since I sat in a geometry class at the ripe old age of 15. But that's not really a necessity for an entrance exam for sociology or CJ grad school, so instead I used the algebra and pre-algebra pages to help reinforce lessons for Mr. B. These pages gave me a chance to work out the problems, "showing my work" while letting Mr. B watch me do them. He saw how much easier it was for me to work out the problems step by step, and he saw the process I use to work them out since I "talked to myself" while doing the work. I kept reinforcing the idea that the = sign is like a teeter totter and you want it to balance. It's a scale and both sides have to weight the same, so what you do on one side of the scale you have to do on the other. If you have a problem such as n-5=8, the first thing you'd do is add 5 to BOTH sides. It's saying things like that, while working in the book doing my "homework" while he was doing his is what has truly helped him to start understanding the processes more and more. So while this book wasn't the kind of help I was hoping for in terms of higher level math such as a 2nd level algebra, it has helped in a number of ways that I didn't expect-such as showing him the importance of time management and doing your homework, and showing your work so that we can look at the overall process to figure out why mistakes were made.

With that said, if you can't remember anything about fractions, LCD (if you have to google what those letters mean, you NEED THIS BOOK!,) slope, and equations then I would HIGHLY recommend this book! HIGHLY! It's well written, the explanations are well formed, and the problems presented in the book are just challenging enough to bring home the lesson without causing frustration. I like how there's a spot on the side to write your answers for easy grading, too. Overall, well done! 
As always, here are some photos!

Math Refresher for Adults

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Math Refresher for Adults {Math Essentials}
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