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We were recently introduced to Silverdale Press LLC and their amazing unit studies. We find unit studies a great way to learn about a given topic, and take a break from our usual order of things. So when I came across the White House Holidays Unit Studies, I was pretty excited to get these printed and start working on them!

This set is pretty much what it says it is. It is a collection of holidays as celebrated in the White House. Your student will learn the history behind the holidays in an in depth review. This pack is geared for all ages, 5-18! This is a product for the whole family.

We have access to 6 different Unit Studies, and planned to work on a lesson a week. Each lesson can be completed in a day, but I know Mr. B and he likes to really get into a lesson from time to time. So I wanted to make sure we left enough time so that he could really play around with the lesson, and research more as he wanted. We decided to start with the Veteran's Day Unit Study. To be honest, I really wasn't aware of the history behind Veteran's Day. I mean, of course we know what it represents...but I wasn't aware of how it came to be. I was as enthralled with this study as Mr. B! 

I really like that these studies feature lessons for K-6th, as well as 7th-12th. The lessons both cover the same topic, but include different activities so that younger siblings/students can work along side their older siblings/peers. It's a really great set-up. It's also great for kids like Mr. B who may need a bit lower level on some topics, or who may just prefer the younger aged activities such as arts and crafts.

In America we have Veteran's Day, and also Memorial Day. In the Common Wealth of Nations, they celebrate Remembrance Day. Now...I didn't know this until a bit of side research with this Unit Study. I am a fan of British TV, and on once particular talk show I noticed the host, as well as all of the guests, had on poppy pins. I couldn't for the life of me figure out WHY. This particular lesson taught me the answer! Poppy fields are common in Europe, and the sites of many great battles. Thus...poppies are worn as a symbol of respect! 

We elected to do this particular activity. It's quite easy. You just trace 2 circles onto red construction paper, and cut them out. You also want to cut out two green leaves. Then you take a black button for the center. You slightly overlap your circles, and glue in place. You glue on the leaves, and the button. We did not have a handy black button, so we just colored a 3rd, smaller circle black. Then you can attach a safety pin, and wear your poppy pin on Veteran's Day! 

Mr. B really enjoyed the crossword puzzle, too. Unfortunately, we had a little mishap where the doodle bops got loose from their crate while were were away, and the boy doodle literally ate Mr. B's school work! so...our crossword was eaten before I snapped a photo HAHA! But here's a great screen shot!

Here are some more screen shots of lessons we covered:

We completed this, and both really enjoyed all of the lessons included. This is a great starting point (or ending point...) to any history lesson concerning wars.

After that, we decided to do some on Martin Luther King, Jr. 

In today's society, I think this is an issue that needs to be covered in more depth that we have had time to devote to it, so we plan to come back to this and redo it...and take longer doing it. This is set up in similar fashion as Veteran's Day in that all ages can do this together. But instead of a separate set of lessons for each grade, there's a Part A for the lower grades and a part B for the upper grades. 

I really enjoyed the activities included with this, especially the lesson of the segregated shoes. That activity gives a great visual into the lesson of segregation. 

Overall, I really like the layout of these unit studies, as well as the coverage included in them. I've looked over all of them, and they all include ample learning for the intended ages. There's suggestions included on how to modify for younger ages (writing one sentence or a definition as opposed to an entire paragraph, for example...) and everything is colorful and enjoyable. This is best printed on a color printer. I am out of color toner, so I had to take the files to be printed. I would highly recommend doing this in color as I feel you'd lose appeal without it. I CAN'T WAIT to dive into the Christmas Unit Study! OHHH MY! Look! Just LOOK at the Contents page!

I love seeing how the White House is decorated for Christmas each year! I can't wait to get more into this! 

As I said, there are a host of others we have access to. Here's the cover page for each Unit Study included in this set. 

If you happened to do 1 lesson a week, it would take you roughly a school year to complete. You could do that, or you could do them in a shorter amount of time. I personally prefer these as a supplement, or as summer/holiday learning. Mr. B likes to change things up, and move around here and there at times, and these are perfect for that! We plan to continue with these, and finish all of them. 

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