Music has been a source of joy for my entire life. I grew up listening to my mom and her siblings since gospel music regularly. I can remember watching my cousin hand write out copies of the songs, then someone bought her a typewriter so she could type them out. Oh how I looked forward to growing up enough to do that, too. Seems silly now, but I was so excited the first time I was asked to write out a copy of the songs.

When I started school, Music was my favorite class. I loved being in the choir, and performing for the PTA meetings. In 5th grade, I was able to be part of the Glee Club, and then I was in All-County chorus and Show Choir in middle and high school. I loved it. I wanted to continue in college, but just couldn't due to time and life.

Even now, when I'm feeling sick, or anxious, sad or upset I turn to music. It can evoke such strong memories, that just a few simple notes can bring tears. It amazes me how a simple melody can stir my emotions, and make me long for days gone by. Oh to just go back to the days when I was first listening to the likes of Bon Jovi or Mariah Carey again. What I wouldn't given to be able to time travel for vacation! I'd love to go back to the 80s or 90s for a day or two.

Music is one of the earliest sounds we can process, even before we are born. Tiny babies still in the mother's womb can "get" the beat and melody. I would play certain songs for Mr. B when I was pregnant with him. To this day, 13 years later, those same songs are calming to him.

Music is a great way to help an autistic child learn to speak, or communicate with a stroke patient. Their abilities for music remain when language isn't present. Music is an amazing tool!

Beyond all that, music can spark deep feelings and memories. Have you ever just heard a few notes of a certain song, and you feel yourself transported to a different time and place? I know I have! What are some of your favorite songs?