Friday Wrap Up

WHEW! What a week! 

Seriously, it's been CRAZY! The Weather has been INSANELY hot. I had a wedding last week, outside, in all this heat. It was over 90 not counting the heat index, so easily 100 with it. I'd say closer to 108-110 with the heat index and humidity. 

I tried my best to get as many photos as possible, but I couldn't. The Bride couldn't handle being in her dress any longer, so I tried to get my heart to cooperate and get some post shots done. Unfortunately, that didn't work out. My heart started beating WAY too hard and WAY too fast. It basically just gave out, my blood pressure tanked, and I hit the ground. Good news! The camera is ok.

That little episode, mixed with a few other things going on earned me a trip to the dr, twice. The first round included taking gluten out of an already limited diet. No acidic foods. No gluten containing foods. I've dropped 9 pounds since March, so that's good.

The second was for my heart. New heart pill added, and hopefully all will be ok in the world. 

In the mean time, Mr. B's portfolio review is coming up so I'm trying to prepare for that. Sigh...every year I'm soooo prepared and ready to go. This year? HAHAHAHA! That'd be a big fat NOPE.

The dog literally ate part of his portfolio. Not even kidding. We were out of town and had M's dad as a dog sitter. He put the dogs back in the crates for the night, and we were going to let them out when we got home the next morning. I have no idea what happened, but somehow two got out and wreaked havoc in the house. It was horrible. So now I'm trying to redo what was lost. 

On the good side of things, I'm beginning to feel better, and Mr. B got to spend some quality time with his cousin, Auntie, and Mamaw. YAY for that!