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Weigl Publishers
Y'all, I had never heard of Weigl Publishers before this review, but wow I'm so glad I have now! They have some really great books, and they have made them interactive, too! There's so much fun, and learning here that I just don't even know where to start! 
Weigl Publishers Media Enhanced Books
Ok, first off...we received a digital download AND "extras" access to:

Glaciers from the series "Earth's Water."

A Lion's World from the "EyeDiscover" series.

There Once Was a Cowpoke Who Swallowed an Ant, a fiction title.
They have a great online Catalog where you can see what all they have to offer! 

Glaciers Earths Water

We recently went to the zoo, and Mr. B was enthralled with the photos from years ago vs. today concerning Glaciers. The zoo we went to has a HUGE exhibit for all things glaciers, so I  knew this book and the digital content would be a GREAT study for him right now. 
Mr. B loved reading about the Glaciers, their locations, and their sizes. He also compared these with the ones he learned about at the zoo-some being the same ones! 

After learning about Glacier eskers, he used sand and water to make his own in his sandbox outside.

In addition to the book, glaciers also comes with access to a vast assortment of Lighbox supplementary resources, including videos. The image below shows the goodies including on Lightbox. You get a code with each book, and this code opens up all of the content. You'll also be asked for further verification, so have the book handy when you login to Lightbox!

We started with the videos. Mr. B LOVED them...ok, so did I! I sat and watched with him, and you feel as if you are on side with the scientists measuring and documenting the glaciers. 

There are a lot of other activities, as well, such as printable worksheets. 

And a MASSIVE Follett Collection.

Even though we have been working on this for a while now, we've not yet finished with everything concerning glaciers! There's a lot here. 

Overall, We both really like this study on glaciers. The book is full of factual data, beautiful photos, and a lot of information. The online content is fun, engaging, and there's just a lot of it from which to choose. The intended grade range is grade 3-6, but I could see older students really benefiting from this, as well. 

A Lion's World 

A Lions World

This book is all about lions. We went straight for the EyeDiscover portion for this, and it starts off with home screen that features a beautiful lion. I want to point out that this screen is not just a still photo, but a video. It's very book like, in that there's captions on the screen to read along, but at the same time it's sort of like the lion is talking to your child, too. The words are easy and simple, and it's great for grades K-2, even pre-K could use this. The interactive part is made of videos. So each "page" is a video, with the words. It's really cool!

Then the book is written from the view of the lion, and it tells all about what lions are, their lives, etc. I  love the photos. Even though Mr. B is 12, he still enjoyed this. It's beneath his level, but he really liked looking at the photos, and watching the videos. 

Overall, this is a really fun way for kids to learn about lions, and a really unique twist on the interactive read-aloud book! 

There Once Was a Cowpoke Who Swallowed an Ant

There Once Was a Cowpoke Who Swallowed an Ant

This is just flat out fun! This is very much of the style of one led to another led to another led to another, etc. It's so much fun to just read outloud that we have read it over and over again, and we always end up in a fit of giggles! A Cowpoke swallows an ant that stings his belly, and that's sets him off on a quest of swallowing things to take care of what he swallowed before so that he can feel better. It's hilarious! 

This book uses the AV2 software to read to your child, or you child can flip through the book and read on his/her own. This is really for the younger kids, but I gotta tell ya...we just loved it! 

Overall, we have really enjoyed this one! I thought this would be way too "childish" for my almost teen, but he thought it was so funny! We both laughed and laughed, and he ended up memorizing parts of it! 

Weigl Publishers offer a lot more than these, and I'd love to check out a few more. They have a nice online catalog that shows their offerings, so please check that out, too. If the others are anything like these three, then I know you won't be disappointed! 

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