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ASD Reading
We have recently been able to review an innovative online reading program designed to help autistic students learn to read and write. ASD Reading is ideal for children aged 4-15 to teach them to read and write to a 3rd grade level (750 Lexile) with the use of various modifications and extras added in to the neurotypical program of Reading Kingdom
ASD Reading
The program is easy to set up, and easy to log in. I really like that aspect. Mr. B has a reading level much greater than a Lexile 750, but I really wanted to review this program to see if there were any benefits for him, and so I could bring it to my readers who I know have children who are struggling to read or write, and who are on the spectrum. 
The idea is to use this program at least 4 days a week, 1-2 sessions a day, for maximum benefit. It is not recommended to over exert the use of the program, otherwise the child may not retain what they need to retain. If the parent needs to provide elbow support for the typing portions, that's totally OK and even encouraged.

You can choose to take a placement exam. I asked Mr. B to miss a few on the exam so that he could start out on a lower level. I also discovered it is very easy to change the level, if you need to do so. Mr. B started out on a level 1, but that wasn't nearly challenging enough for him.

The program features a LOT of repeated sounds and words. For example, your child will spend all of their time in one book learning the words swim and swims. They will do a variety of activities such as typing the words, choosing the words, and even clicking on words to form a sentence using one of these words. This is really great since many children on the spectrum have difficulty distinguishing like sounds. Swims and Swim could sound the same to them, or even look the same if attention to detail is an issue. These are not issues for Mr. B any longer, but at the time they were this would have been GREAT to have had in our arsenal! 

Through the lessons, your child will also learn language arts skills as well as keyboarding skills. I was pleasantly surprised by the level of the keyboarding skills, and how much that really helped Mr. B! 

It's also very easy for Mr. B to navigate on his own. I help him log in, and then I'm able to get a few other things finished while he works on this. This would be great for students who are developing their task completion without redirection skills. It's pretty straight forward. And once you are in your lesson session, there's no other deviations to be made. 

Overall, this is a really great tool for kids on the spectrum. Mr. B felt some of the graphics and animations were "babyish," but that's just him. Others may not feel the same, and may really like them. Like I said before, he's quite a bit above this academically and I really didn't realize how much so until he started using it. He can read above a 3rd grade level, but for those who are still struggling this will be great. I can see how this would have really been a huge help just a few years ago! Overall, I'd highly recommend this to others who have autistic children in search of an online reading program!

If your child is neurotypical, don't forget to check out Reading Kingdom!

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