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Kids Email
We've been using Kids Email for a year now, and LOVE IT! Mr. B has been an avid fan of the Kids Email Safe Email for Kids since our first review, and he uses it all the time! For this review, our subscription was renewed for another 12 months.

Our Experience

When we first got started with Kids Email last year, Mr. B just casually used it playing around. Over the last year, he has used it for communication to a greater extent. Kids Email has been a great tool for him to talk with his biological father. His dad is not the type to call, or message much directly, and with his work hours, it is sometimes difficult for the two of them to find a good time to talk. By using Kids Email, Mr. B has been able to email his dad anytime he wants, and in turn his dad has been able to email him. The two will often have a lasting conversation over the course of several days, compared to a phone call that may last a few minutes. I have found it is also a great tool for Mr. B to use to tell his dad what he wants or needs on his own, instead of me playing the middle man.

Mr. B also uses Kids Email when he is angry or frustrated with anything and anyone, especially when he is in trouble and finding it difficult to find words. I have seen him use it when he has been upset with his dad, or myself. He has also used it to further explain why he has done something against the rules, and I have used it to better explain things when he is having a difficult time with oral communication.

I also use his Kids Email address to email his daily assignments, so that he can see what needs to be done each day. This provides a great checklist so that he can feel more in charge of his school day. 


Kids Email has a lot of great features that makes it unique. You, as the parent, have full control of the email. I get a notification in my own email every time he sends an email, and everything he receives one. I can see the full message, both ways. Only those who are approved senders can email him, and any new senders go through me, first. I can set specific time restrictions, which comes in VERY handy when a certain Mr. B would rather spend hours emailing rather than doing other things. You can also restrict them for specific dates (Ground Child) has a means of discipline. 


Overall, we are just as happy today with our Kids Email account as we were last year. I will continue to subscribe for as long as I can, and find it to be a GREAT tool to help with Mr. B's overall communication, language arts and writing skills, and social functioning. I am very pleased with the security features in place, and I really appreciate the forethought that has been put in place in terms of approving senders, getting copies of emails, and time/day restrictions. I highly recommend this to others! 

Kids Email
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