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Planet 316
Last year we did a really fun jigsaw puzzle app review for Planet 316. That game was so much fun, it was downright addicting! We still play it! Well this time around, I have a review that's for the younger crew, but....I gotta tell ya...I have had just as much fun as Mr. B has this go round! The Planet 316 Story Bible and the companion Planet 316 Story Bible App have been far greater blessings than I had even imagined when we set out on this review journey. I honestly can't even put into words how much Mr. B has enjoyed this, nor how much he has learned from this! It's been amazing.

Planet 316 Story Bible and Bible App
About the Book: 
The book is a hardback book with glossy, colorful pages. Each story is arranged in Bible order, so you and your child can study together. The pages are on the thick'ish side, and this allows for greater durability. This 7"x8" book has a few pages more than 300 pages, and on those pages you'll find over 100 stories included in this Bible, from Creation to Revelations. It's also important to note that the actual Bible chapter and verses where the stories are located are also included. 


About the App:

The app is a free app, and will only work with the book. If you have an issue finding the app in the App Store, there is a QR code on the back of the book that you can scan that will find it for you. The app is a bit larger than some others we have, and we had to wait until we have a WIFI connection to download it. Was it worth the wait? YES! That app has got to be the COOLEST thing EVER! Seriously! It makes this book completely interactive! You hold your phone or tablet over the pictures and they come to life! They turn 3D and even move! I was honestly blown away! I spent a good hour myself just playing with it! 
How We Used This:
The stories are written in such a way that the parent can easily read them, and an older child can read them on their own. We did both. At first. Mr. B read this on his own. And by at first, I mean over the course of about 3 days or so he sat ALL DAY LONG and read from cover to cover. He was THAT engrossed into this book. He absolutely LOVED it. After that I'd re-read the stories to him at night as a bedtime story. Over the Easter weekend, I was blessed to keep my younger cousin's son for a few days. He was a little afraid to be staying in a strange place, so I pulled out our copy of the Planet 316 Story Bible and started reading it to him. I read well over 100 pages to calm him and get him to sleep. We started with David and Goliath and we went all the way to the Parable of the Sower! The next day he asked if I would read him some more! We took the boys out for Pizza over an hour away at a Pizza Shop that happens to be a favorite of ours (otherwise, why in the world would we drive over an hour one-way?!) Since both boys had read so much of the storybook Bible, they both got into a rather deep conversation on the Bible in the backseat. I wish I could have recorded it! A 9 year old boy and a 12 Year old boy spent over an hour talking about the Bible, with the 9 year old asking questions and the 12 year old answering them accurately, and with such heart felt meaning in the conversation. It was truly a blessing to be in that car that night. 

After that, Mr. B we went to church on Easter Sunday. Mr. B had re-read about the death and resurrection of Christ, and he had asked me a lot of questions about it. So the next day at Church, Mr. B approached the elder and told him he would like to say a few words. Then, Mr. B took his Planet 316 Story Bible up to the pulpit and proceeded to flat out preach a sermon for nearly 20 minutes! At the end of church, Mr. B one again took to the pulpit to add on to what he had already said! If you would like to see the video of this, please check it out on my Facebook page for my blog. 


Overall, I can't say enough wonderful things about Planet 316 and The Planet 316 Story Bible and the companion Planet 316 Story Bible App.  We both, of course, highly recommend it to others! This is been a huge blessing to us, and I look forward to much more time spent using this story bible and app! 

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