Exciting WordBuildOnline NEWS!

You may remember a couple of years ago I was blessed to bring you a review of WordBuildOnline, a FANTASTIC online program that has truly helped Mr. B in so many ways. WordBuildOnline is a unique approach to teaching words (Can't really call it spelling, because it's more than that haha!) that is perfectly suited to autism and special needs in method and approach.

So, what about that exciting news?!

They've released a FREE version!!!!!!!

The free version is supported by ads that do not interfere with content whatsoever and are child-friendly. You can still purchase the "premium" ad-free version for $30.00, but this free version has all of the same content! 

While discussing this with the CEO, he said they want to ensure that all students have access to this great literacy tool regardless of their financial means to do so. It is their hope to ease the financial burden of parents, and schools, and bring WordBuildOnline to as many students as they can who need it. 

For what it's worth, I know they have put forth great effort to bring this product to the special needs community, and to make it special needs friendly. They understand the financial strain families face today, and believe that should not be a deterrent to quality education for all children. So if you haven't tried WordBuildOnline yet, please give it a shot today! They are one of our favorites! 

Disclaimer: I did not receive anything at all for this shout out to Dynamic Literacy. I just love the product this much, and I feel so many more children can now benefit from it!