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A+ Interactive Math
We reviewed A+ Interactive Math (By A+ TutorSoft Inc.) a few years ago and loved it so much I actually bought a subscription to use later. As you can imagine, we were pretty thrilled to get the chance to review them again. This time around, they offered the crew 2 choices: Adaptive Math Curriculum Online and a Family Math Package.  For this review, we received a one-year subscription to the Family Math Package. 
Family Math
The Family Math Package gives you access to all levels of A+ Interactive Math. For this review, we mainly focused on 6th grade math. We started at the beginning because it was a perfect fit for us. Mr. B is currently working on fractions, and that's just what happened to be first. 
The first step is to log on. You know me, I need in your face billboard obvious log on. Nothing is more in your face than a big red button!
It's that easy. Now, if you have more than one student you just click on that blue button and you can launch each account individually. Need to change grade levels? No problem. Again, it's billboard obvious and I Love that!
Now, back to what we did...
We started with 6th grade math, and we started at #1, Fractions. The lessons are played on the screen, and they are normal conversation. What I like about this is that the voice isn't overly robotic, but it's also not flawed as it would be if one were speaking all at one time. There are no Hmm...or um sounds at all. This keeps the distractions to a minimum for Mr. B. There's color, but it's not over the top. The lessons are also color coded to really drive in the lesson, and that has worked very well for Mr. B. 
Mr. B had a difficult time figuring out how to navigate at first. It's not hard at all, but he didn't  know to click on the little + beside each section to reveal more. One he figured that out, it was smooth sailing. We did a lot of worksheets printed out, so the computer did not autocomplete or autograde. I'm not the best at going in each time and marking everything complete, and when I am bad about choosing the date he actually completed it on. The good thing about this program is that you can go back and choose the correct dates, if you remember them. For me? I just pick a date and go with it haha. There are still sections I need to mark complete when I have the time. 
But as you can see, he's made quite a bit of progress in the area of fractions. We had to spend a good deal of time on certain concepts, but overall I'm quite proud of the progress he's made over the last 6 weeks. 
What I love about A+ Interactive Math is that you can choose if you want to printed work or online. Here's a screen snip of one of his tests I can print. I did have him do a couple of worksheets online, but he likes to do them in printed format, too. 
Then they do the work online, the computer grades them for you. And there are a LOT of worksheets! 
Mr. B also loves recognition for completion. It's a great motivator. A+ Interactive Math offers completion certificates that you can print off. These are great as a motivator to encourage your students to keep pushing ahead. 
We didn't encounter any problems with the program, but you do need to maintain a good internet connection. If you  know you may experience issues, you can also print off parts of the textbook, the quizzes, exams, and worksheets-then input those grades manually. I've not done that yet this time around, but I know from previous use it is not difficult at all. 
Mr. B says A+ Interactive Math is one of his favorites! I don't even have to ask more than once for him to do his math work now. I like that I can print off worksheets, and replay lessons as needed. We can also skip ahead, instead of working in order to unlock the next section. That's great for us since he has already mastered some of the future lessons. I like how there's color, but no distracting cartoons and no robotic sounding voice. ASD kiddos tend to get caught up with those kinds of things and pay more attention to a minor detail like that than the lesson, so not having those is a major perk!

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