Benefits of Homeschooling {A Homeschooling 101 Post}

Well folks, West Virginia teachers are gearing up for another day of their strike for increased pay and a permanent fix for PEIA (their insurance for those who may not know.) Teachers will still get paid for their days off for striking because, by state law, children in public school must attend school 180 days. So those days will be added on by a variety of ways such as taking away Spring Break (Jackson Co. already did this,) taking away non-essential holidays, adding on the end of the year, etc. So each day the teachers are in the classroom, they will get paid. Of course, if you're a working parent or you've had to secure child care, or if you bank on school breakfast and lunch to feed your child during the day, you're not going to be reimbursed for any money lost during this strike. Now, that's not to say I don't support the teachers. I do, 100%. BUT...I'm a little irked at the ones who are now blaming homeschoolers. It's not our fault. We do not receive ANY compensation whatsoever. With that said, what are the benefits to homeschooling?

 No Strikes

Nope, we have no strikes. Since we get paid 0, 2%, 3%, or 5% of 0 is still....well...0. We also have been business as usual during this last week. Our kids haven't missed out on their education, their schedules haven't been messed up, and if we have already paid a non-refundable reservation for a spring break trip THAT'S OK! We still get one! 

 Sun Days, Snow Days, and setting our own time. 

Yes, we still have snow days. Why? Well, why not?! Snow is fun to play in! Plus, you can incorporate a LOT of science learning fun on super cold days and/or snowy days! Homeschooling lends itself to shorter work days. When it's all added up, public school kids are actually getting approximately 3.5 hours per day of actual instructional time. And those hours are split among 25+ kids. So your child may not need that much. Perhaps they've already mastered their 9's in multiplication but 1/3 of the class still hasn't, so they are forced to sit there and keep going over and over the same material they've already mastered. On the flip side, perhaps your child still needs some help with that, but the teacher can't wait on him/her to catch up so they move on. This leaves your child with a learning gap that will follow them all through their school years. Homeschooling affords you the opportunity to set your own schedule. There's no min. or max. for attendance. You must show progress through the 5 core subjects. How you go about doing that is totally up to you. For us, my son breezes through science and history. We do not have a need to spend hours a week on that. He catches on quickly, masters it quickly, and retains it well. He also does "science'y" stuff all day. Math and reading are a little different, so I make it a point to incorporate those as much as possible, and I make sure he has truly MASTERED the concept before moving on to something else. That's simply not possible in the public school world. 

Control Over What The Learn

I fully admit to being 100% shocked to learn they are teaching LGBT and Sex Ed as early as Kindergarten! I'm sorry, that is NOT something that is the right of the school to teach, and definitely not their job to teach as a moral topic, either. With homeschooling, YOU choose what your child learns, and when they learn it. Simple as that. 


These are just 3 of the many, MANY benefits to homeschooling. My son has unique health care needs, so we homeschool to accommodate what would be many absences. Some families like to travel, and home schooling affords them the ultimate opportunity to do just that. Others feel led by God to homeschool, and that's just fine, too. Still others wish to pursue sports, acting, etc...etc...etc. There are as many reasons and benefits to homeschool as their are ways to do so. As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to drop me a comment below!