I took this photo on the campus of Grove City College in Grove City, PA. I was there to shoot a wedding one cloudy Saturday afternoon. I loved the architecture of the school, but this building stood out to me. It was different from the rest. The rest were your stereotypical red brick exterior, but this one was like a beacon set against the others. I wanted to capture this beautiful building, but just standing there taking a straight on photograph didn't work for me. It looked clinical and boring. That's where PERSPECTIVE comes in.

Life is all about perspective, and our perspective can change. We are influenced by a number of things-Our family, friends, strangers, events, even social media memes. How many Facebook friends do you have who base their assumptions on a Facebook share, or share headline grabbers without checking the validity of those shares? All of that shapes our perspective for, or against, something. 

Thinking about perspective, I had Mr. B do his language arts, today. I admit, we are a bit behind in Language Arts because he pretty much hates it. He doesn't like anything to do with it. He couldn't care less if a word is an adverb, direct object, or pronoun. He just doesn't like it. So instead of nagging, getting hateful, and pretty much forcing him to do it, I changed the perspective. I sat there like I was doing it, and like I had no idea what I was doing so he'd have to "help me" get the answers correct.

Changing his perspective from him doing it, to me doing it, caused him to think it was fun to correct me. AND it caused him to do a full week's worth of language arts! 

We can apply this same concept across our every day life. Look at things in a different way, think about the world in a different way, and approach problems in a new, and different way. Let me know how it works out for you! 


  1. I think I have at least one friend who attended that college. Small world.

    1. Wow! It's a beautiful campus. I wish I had had time to walk around a little more.


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