Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Tough health decisions

As a parent, it's hard to always be the one making all the decisions. At least it is for me. Right now, Mr. B is scheduled to see a pulmonary doctor in a couple of days. We just got back from a week at The Cleveland Clinic, and neither of us really feel up to another overnight medical trip, nor does my account at the moment. With the flu at epidemic levels, I also don't want to take him out. Yet, he still coughs more than he should. It's not out of control like it was, and the meds he received at CC haven't had time to start working yet, either. So I'm relunctant to make the trip, and would rather reschedule. But there's always that nagging thought of: you should go anyway. CC doctors said it was my choice, either way would be good. Sigh...I need an easy button.

Wordless Wednesday

Friday, January 26, 2018

Curriculum Choices

Choosing a curriculum can be such a hard decision to make. Should I go with a boxed set? Should I try to wing it? GAH! What do you do?! For this next year, I'm finding the need to change things up for a multitude of reasons. I plan to still stick with a mix and match approach because that's just what works best for our family.

Mr. B is having some learning difficulties in math. He has poor organization and poor planning, so I'm looking for a math skills class for that. Language Arts is already settled, and we're sticking with a CM approach, as well as science. I LOVE MASTERBOOKS! That's one of my favorite companies, and that mixed with apologia will cover science for us. History is a combo of Veritas Press and Masterbooks-so classical plus CM. Reading is set to be more traditional, but online. See? That's the beauty of mix and match. I'm not bound to one method!

What are you planning this year?

Tuesday, January 16, 2018


Whew! Last weekend we were expecting 6-8" of the fluffy white stuff, and only 1-3" today. I laughed and said lookout, today we'd get slammed. Well guess what....we have close to 6" out there folks! Roads are terrible, SO STAY WARM and STAY SAFE!

Friday, January 12, 2018