Books for Christmas: A list of what is on our gift list.

I just love getting books for Christmas, and I equally love gifting books as well. To me, there's no greater gift than the gift of reading. A book can take you on many a great journey, so it's always the ideal gift! 

Here are a few books on our gift list this year. 

The Illuminated Bible is simple GORGEOUS! This would be a great solo gift, or the perfect gift to share with a family.

Adored 365 is a year long devotional for young women. It has a little area for note taking if you wish, and I find it to be a nice size, and meaningful book. 

You can NEVER go wrong with Carole P. Roman. She has so many WONDERFUL titles to choose from, that the hard part is choosing! We've been blessed with so many wonderful titles over the last couple of years. They are cherished treasures for us, and we love blessing others with these wonderful children's books. I HIGHLY recommend you check them out! We recently started reading one about the Vikings! There's so much to choose from, that you really can't go wrong here. 

Comic books: We love comic books, and comic books stores, and several kids in the family this year will be receiving one. I do caution that you flip through any comic book before gifting to a child, even the ones labeled for kids.  Some of the artwork is not child appropriate in my opinion, so caution should be used here. 

Various fiction: I always think of the person I'm shopping for, instead of myself, when it comes to books. Usually when I buy a gift, I'll buy what I personally like. But when it comes to books, you can't really do that. You have to take their interests in mind. For example: M and the foster son of my best friend both enjoy middle earth wizard type books. Another friend is into table top gaming. Then you have my niece who is all about Zombies. Mr. B loves non-fiction and natural disasters. Me? I like anything really, but if it's like a Hallmark movie in book form I'll probably love it, or a good dystopian adventure. If I bought them only the books I found interesting, it wouldn't be loved nearly as much.