Veritas Press Self-Paced Bible REVIEW

I had always wanted to try Veritas Press Self-Paced courses, and we were blessed with a chance to do a review for them a little over a year ago. Mr. B did so well with the course, I knew I had to make these a regular part of our daily homeschool. I went ahead and purchased their Self-Paced History Explorers to 1815, and Mr. B would beg to do his school work every day, so I was so very excited when they allowed me to review their Self-Paced Bible Judges to Kings

Each Self-Paced Bible course features 32 biblical events that are taught through fun games and videos. Judges to Kings covers the period from the book of Judges to Second Kings, and details the time from the early people of Israel to the exile to Babylon. You child will follow along with Levi, Vasko the Frog and Pallu the Badger as they learn about this portion of the Bible. 

The Course includes:
  • Art
  • Music 
  • Geography
  • Chronological events memorized to music
  • Names, Places, and Dates
  • Activities such as projects, worksheets, and tests
  • 32 Bible events

Each lesson has fun and clever videos to capture your child's attention and imagination. Mr. B loves watching them, and he giggles right along! After each video lesson are different activities such as games and quizzes, and then there are interspersed tests that recall what has been learned. Everything is done online. 

Mr. B is quite fond of the colorful graphics, and fun dialogue between the characters. I love how much he is learning, and how much he talks about it afterwards! 

There's a mix of real human characters, along with fun animated characters. 

The course is easy to navigate, and I like how it's laid out in such a way that high functioning kids on the spectrum can see what needs to be completed, and what has already been finished. 

The navigational bars on the left show what has been finished, and gives them the chance to go back and replay lessons as they want. It also shows what is still to come, as does the middle assignment table. 

It's also easy to see what your child's grades are, overall and per assignment. 

Overall, Mr. B loves this and so do it. It is exactly what we've come to expect from Veritas Press and their self-paced courses. We had a great time reviewing Genesis to Joshua last year, and we're both loving Self Paced History Explorers to 1815 and the Self-Paced Bible Judges to Kings. Mr. B sings the memory songs all the time, and has even sang them for church members! He is learning so much, and even talks about what he has learned with the elders and church, who are very much impressed with his overall knowledge on the subjects. He is asked to do one lesson each day, but frequently works ahead and asks to do one or two additional lessons.

There is just enough repetition to really make it all sink in, but not so much that it is boring or frustrating.  He retains what he has learned, and I can tell this program truly does work for him.

From a special needs standpoint, I find this to be perfect for high functioning autism. There's a routine to it, and of course the memory aspect makes ideal. You know when my child asks to do his school work on a WEEKEND  you've found a fantastic program that you have to share with others! I can't even begin to express how much he LOVES Veritas Press Self-Paces courses! He's set to finish both the Judges to Kings and the Explorers to 1815 before the end of this school year, and I hope to be able to have the next Self-Paced Bible ready for him by then, as well as some Ancient History since we've not gone over that era in a while. We both highly recommend this to others!

**We were provided a free subscription to Veritas Press Self-Paced Bible Judges to Kings in exchange for our honest and unbiased review. I was not required to write a positive review, nor was I compensated in any other way. All opinions expressed are my own, or those of my family.**