Family Honor Plate REVIEW

The Family Honor Plate and discussion cards is a great tool to use with your family. The plate is a fun, easy craft that your family will cherish for years to come. The cards are a great way to foster positive and meaningful discussions.


The virtues are listed in the center of the plate for mom and dad to use as their anchor, their moral compass to guide them in how they need to show up for and to their children. This is how our children learn what character (Christ's Character) is, what it looks like, what it feels like. Our children are watching us and learning from us.


Look for the good choices and attitude your kids/spouse are making and showing throughout the day. Track it back to the virtues and character it shows.


Turn dinnertime into a celebration when you catch someone making good choices and showing good character and present their meal on the FAMILY HONOR PLATE. This is when you:
· Talk about the choices they made and the virtues and character that it showed (Be specific).
· Talk about how they made everyone involved feel and the impact they had on people and how that is POWERFUL and BEAUTIFUL.

About the cards:

Every question is followed up with "Why?" to take everyone's answers to a deeper more intimate level. That's where the magic is and the real conversation starts. So now when even a simple question such as..."What is your favorite dessert?" for example, rather than someone answering "Apple Pie" and then moving on to the next person, the whole family gets to walk down memory lane because it reminds them of Grandma Smith who always made apple pies with them when they came to visit." Her house always smelled of fresh baked pies and she gave the best hugs when we walked in the door."

Communication is the key to connecting, building and maintaining healthy relationships. When we are raise our children to be confident in their ability to communicate with others and get their point across, situations are less stressful and they have better outcomes.

My thoughts:

This is such a wonderful tool/craft to use with your children and family. My son loved putting his heart into painting this plate with me. Clean up was a breeze when we made an "Oops!" with just a little window cleaner and a soft cloth. We sat together and painted this plate one day when we were both having a very rotten day. You know those days, the ones where you just wish you could crawl under a big pile of pillows and not come out until the next day. So what better day than that to focus on our blessings, and the blessing that is our family.

I love the discussion cards, particularly from a special needs perspective. They are a great way to foster discussion, conversation, and especially social communication. It's so easy to get caught up in the day to day, and not really converse at meal time. It's easy to just watch TV, read a book, or play on an electronic device during dinner. That's something I think everyone needs to minimize! We try to have family time every night, but these cards really help us make the most out of that family time.

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